Monday, October 29, 2012

On Vacation!

We're in Florida visiting our family! 

We drove for the first time with Bailey in almost a year. {I usually fly with her.} She did AMAZING on the ride!! I was so nervous about it since the last and only other time we've made this drive with her did not go well. We borrowed a DVD player from some friends for the ride and chose to drive overnight hoping she would sleep most of the trip. 

The DVD player- the BEST thing EVER! 

Sleeping most of the trip- Not so much. 

We left about 9pm and she watched Dora for the first two hours until I decided to turn it off so she could sleep. It took her a little while but she fell asleep and slept about 3 hours then woke up. She asked for more Dora so we turned it back on about 3am. She was wide awake and having so much fun in her own little movie theater! I decided again around 5:30am to turn it back off and she whined a little this time but then she fell back asleep until we pulled into my parents driveway at 8am! 

We only stopped 3 times the whole drive, the first time we all got out. Patrick walked Hershey a little and I changed Bailey's diaper. The last two times just Patrick and I took turns running into the bathroom and pumped gas but that was it.

The drive overall went much smoother than I ever thought it would!! The worst part was that Patrick and I were both up well over 24 hours by the time we got here so not only were we tired during the trip, we were also very tired and had to sleep the first half of the first day we were here. 

On the drive back we plan to leave mid-afternoon and see how that goes!

Our first few days have been busy busy as usual but we are having a blast! Bailey has been spoiled by both sets of grandparents already! 

Miss Thing above in her new cowgirl boots from Nana and "Pa Pa" {She re-named "Grandpa" this trip, he is now "Pa Pa"} She was prancing all over the house the first day loving the boots!! 

One of my favorite parts of being home is all the beautiful scenery around FL and the gorgeous sunsets! 

~~ This photo above has not been edited at all! It's just THAT beautiful ;-)~~

It has actually been cool enough {cold actually} for Bailey to get to wear her Halloween outfits! I thought we would get all the way through this October and not get to wear this adorable outfit! Glad I was wrong!  

 These two love to walk! They were on their way our with Nana! 

LOTS of more trip pics and stories to share later!

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