Tuesday, July 30, 2013

30 week update

How far along? 30 weeks and 4 days 
How big is baby? As of last Wednesday (29 weeks and 5 days) Babies B & C were 2.11 and baby A was 2.12
Weight gain?
30-32 lbs depending on the day! 
Maternity clothes? nothing new since the last update
Stretch marks? still no new ones!
Sleep? still sleeping well once I fall asleep but the getting comfortable part takes a while and I usually pee several times a night and have to get comfortable all over again
Best moment this week? getting an A+ from my MFM :-) She thinks I can make it to 36 weeks. We'll see about that, I get more uncomfortable every day.
Movement? Lots of movement all the time! Baby boy has a large fluid pocket and apparently has lots of room to move so he makes me nutty with all his moving from side to side
Food cravings? still nothing consistent. I'll just get a craving for something or another but once I get it I move on to something else.
Gender? 2 girls, 1 boy
Labor signs? nope. I had some big contractions week before last when I was put in the hospital but it was because I had been throwing up all morning and had to drive down to Wilm so the dehydration caused the contractions but since then just a small one here and there but no other signs
Belly button in or out? Not really in or out at this point just sort of flat and stretched
What I miss?  just being about 30 lbs lighter! lol With football season fastly approaching I'm missing beer a little but not too much longer! 
What I am looking forward to? not being pregnant anymore! 
Milestones? hitting 30 weeks! Anything past 25-26 with triplets starts to become milestones I think! 
 30 weeks and 3 days :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

27 weeks along

Just a quick pregnancy update for me to have for later :) 

How far along? 27 weeks today
How big is baby? at my appt this past Wed. (2 days ago) two of them were 1lb 14oz and one was 2lbs
Weight gain? 22 lbs 
Maternity clothes? same as the last update but I added a new maxi skirt that I wore for the 4th yesterday
Stretch marks? still no new ones
Sleep? it's getting more uncomfortable to fall asleep at night. I usually sleep the best in the early morning 
Best moment this week? hmm baby wise I would say my weekly appt with my MFM doc and getting to see the babies
Movement? Yes they are busy! Baby B (girl on my left side, kind of in the middle of my tummy) is the most active by far and then baby C (boy on my top right) is next. Baby A (girl at the bottom) is also active but I think because of her placement I don't always feel her movements as well! I do at night though! 
Food cravings? nothing consistent. I always want different sweets but try to eat them in moderation!
Gender? 2 girls, 1 boy
Labor signs? nope. I do feel some tightness here and there but really don't think they are contractions but they could be
Belly button in or out? Not really in or out at this point just sort of flat and stretched
What I miss?  Ooo being able to dry my feet and legs when I get out of the shower! Haha! Sounds crazy but with baby A being SO low it is a hard task! I also miss being able to get up by myself. I can get down on the floor and am fairly comfortable to sit indian style but getting up is another story and if someones around to help I let them!
What I am looking forward to?  picking names. We are having the hardest time! We don't even have one yet or even a "like" list. It's sad. Mom is planning to pick up a name book while she's out today so hopefully that will help!
Milestones? I would say getting to 27 weeks without any complications! For a triplet pregnancy I think that's fairly rare from what I read in the triplet groups I'm in! 

We got the third crib in and set up last week and now I just need to make the bedding and decorate a little in the room! Annd.. get dressers ordered! We picked up dreft detergent to get all the baby clothes washed! One step at a time. I feel like it's taking me WAY longer to get everything done this time around but my energy level and capability are just not the same as before plus with Bailey bug always wanting to "help" it makes everything move slower! 

My Mom got here last week and is staying for the duration of my pregnancy and until we are good on our own after we bring the little ones home so once we get through this holiday week we should start moving faster getting everything checked off my baby to do's list!! 

Sorry for the boring read, this post is more for me to document where we're at at this point. There will most likely be a few more like this then you can look forward to the life with triplets posts! Those should be more interesting!