Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Triplets 4 months update

As always, I suck at blogging on a regular basis and missed the babies 3 month update but here is their 4 month!

These sweet babies are getting to be so much fun! They are doing new things everyday and it's so fun to watch! 

They had quite an eventful first Christmas, all three plus Bailey ended up in the ER at 8pm with stuffy noses, congestion, nasty coughs, and a little weezing. Peyton and Andrew tested positive for RSV and the Dr. said chances were good Brooke had it as well. Peyton was given a breathing treatment and steroid shot and I wish they had done that for the other two! Bailey was just fine with a cold but when I called the nurses line earlier in the evening they said take Bailey too so we did. It was a long road the next couple weeks. It was so sad seeing all of them feel so bad and worse yet having trouble breathing well enough to keep the paci in their mouth long enough to get good and asleep. We were all exhausted! Patrick and I both had the colds also and didn't feel all that hot and all of my family came in for Christmas which was a lifesaver at ER and during the following week helping with all the sickies but then they all got sick too :(  

Weight: 11.9 
 height: 22.8
Clothes: 3 month 
diaper: 2 

This blondie has gotten quite the attitude lately. I blame all of our schedule and personality changes on the RSV, company for so long and just general chaos of the holiday's however, it could just be their age and a phase but for Miss Peyton, being the laid back one of the group for the longest, she now is not. hah. She must be held or she will scream! We do not hold her all the time because we simply can't but we have to listen to what she thinks about floor time, swing time and just general awake time without being held! Little turd! She is so adorable though and has the biggest smile! She loves to "talk" and so if shes not fussing or screaming at us she is talking! She is definitely the vocal one of the group at this phase in life. Her first laugh was sitting on her Vovo's (Patrick's Dad) tummy while he was bouncing and making a horsey noise. We caught it on video! So cute! She is also rolling over from her back to tummy now! The first one to do that :-)

Weight: 11.4
Clothes: 3 month
diaper: 2

This cutie has been the sweetest thing lately! She is usually the attitude queen of the group but she has switched roles with Peyton apparently and is so laid back. She has the biggest smile and gets so happy when you talk to her or even look at her! She is the best little tummy timer! She loves to watch tv. She will sit in her bouncer and just watch. She also loves her sissy, she is always reaching for Peyton's hands when they're on the floor which is just so adorable! Brookie may be my blankie lover. All the babies got aden & Anias blankets for Christmas from their Aunt Nikki and all love them but Brooke just relaxes so much when you put her blankie on her :-) 

Weight: 12.23
height: 24.02
Clothes: some 3 months but moving into 6! 6 month sleepers. 
diaper: 2

This handsome guy is such a sweet boy. He has a huge smile and sweet eyes. He has gotten a little crankier lately after the holiday's and sickness so may be a schedule issue but floor time is not his thing anymore. He's ok for short periods then he wants to be held! Since Christmas, he has only slept through the night once, ONCE! We have moved him into his pack n play and into a sleep sac but he still ends up in our bed in the wee hours of the morning once I am exhausted from getting up and putting his paci in his mouth over and over again! We're working on it. Hopefully it's a phase. He laughed at Mommy for his first laugh last month! He was sitting on my lap and I was tickling and making funny laughing sounds and he thought it was pretty funny! First one to laugh! 

I hate that I missed their 3 month update so here are the pics at least!

Silly triplets! 

All of them are taking 5 1/2 ounces every 4 hours during the day and sleeping through the night. All but Andrew that is but he doesn't get a bottle until morning unless he's really out of control. We're on a 7, 11, 3 & 7 feeding schedule at the moment. Our day starts between 6 and 7 with their first feeding, followed by floor time and nap in swings. Sometimes all three sleep until the next feed but if not we go back to floor time and repeat at 11. The schedule stays somewhat the same but at some point of the day each one of them skips a nap and wants to be held more. 

Update complete for now. :-P