Thursday, May 29, 2014


Where do my days go?! I seriously feel like they zoom by yet some days feel like forever long. All of my kiddos are growing so fast! I'm always exhausted. 

Babies are approaching 9 months and I haven't done 7 or 8 month updates. 

Peyton is crawling now as of this month and is all over the place! She started just a little here and there and then she would only crawl around the "play area" aka the living room but a couple days ago she discovered she could leave! Ahh! I rearranged the furniture, put up the baby gate we had in the garage to block off one entrance to the living room and we will be gating off the other opening this weekend! When Bailey started crawling I could just follow her around and the house was all baby proofed. This time around is completely different. Although Peyton's the only one crawling so far the others won't be far behind and Bailey leaves toys everywhere so I'm always worried about what she will find if I'm not right there. Today she found the dog food. 

Miss P is also pulling up to her knees and occasionally to her feet. She still thinks big sis is the funniest thing ever! 

Brookie is just so dang sweet I can't stand it! She is sitting really well now but hasn't figured out how to sit from laying or lay from sitting. She scoots on her belly when she really wants something and is getting up on her hands and knees some. She is so great with her sippy cup and today she picked up a piece of egg and put it in her mouth. 

Mister Andrew is my difficult child at the moment. As sweet as he can be I almost feel like he chooses to be a pill. He loves to jump in the jump-e-roo and would probably stay in there most of the day if he could. It seems to be his happy place. He isn't sitting yet and I think he gets frustrated. He rolls well and super fast but gets mad when he can't get places or things he wants. He is still spitting up really bad and just rolls around the living room and spits everywhere. We clean the carpets a lot now. He is not liking food yet but is finally eating baby food and loves yogurt! We're having a terrible time with him and sleep lately. He screams and screams for what seems to be no reason. We cannot figure it out. He's fine when we pick him up. He does this at night and naps. He, Patrick and I are not sleeping much. 

7 month photos.. 

And Bailey boo :-) 

Bailey is POTTY TRAINED!!!! I never thought it would happen. This kid is so stubborn and had no interest and would just pee wherever if I would try panties with her and refuse to go in the potty but it finally happened! I'm sure we'll have another accident or two but I am so proud to say it has been a couple weeks now and she's going on her own without assistance (most of the time!) Wooo hooo!! 

My little Things!

Babies 8 months...