Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Oh how I loved today!

Warm weather, nothing on the agenda and my great friends {who just happen to be my neighbors} to hang out with! Perfect. The babies were quite fussy today but it didn't seem to stress me out as much as it usually does. I think warm, sunny days make me SO MUCH HAPPIER no matter what's going on!

First thing this morning I realized we would run out of formula tonight and with Patrick being on duty I knew I wouldn't get out before morning so Kayla came over early to hang with my kiddos so I could make a food lion run. Even if it's for just 30 mins it's so amazing to get out of the house by myself in the daylight! Now a days when I get out alone it's always after the kids are in bed. I love the sunshine!! 

A little later, Bailey, Peyton, Brooke and I hung out in the back yard while Andrew napped. Bailey jumped on the trampoline and played with her water table. I sat in the sun a little enjoying some vitamin C! 

 The baby girls sat in the shade squinting in the bright sun! 

Later, all of our friends came over and the kids jumped some more then we moved to the front yard and back to the back yard again later. 

This evening I just sat on the floor for a good hour of more with the kids. It was nice, I don't usually get to do that. Peyton was enjoying standing in my lap so I pulled out the activity table and stood her up at it and she put her hands on it holding her weight so I let go and she just stood there! 

Such a big girl! Just two days shy of 7 months! I later tried with Andrew and Brooke and neither were ready yet. They both liked playing with the table but didn't stand on their own. 

Miss Brooke did finally decide to sit by herself yesterday though! She's the last one and I guess decided it was time. 

Cute stuff! 

One more update of sorts.. Bailey has been wearing big girl panties off and on and peeing on the potty some. She sometimes realizes she has to go before she goes but not all of the time. I am hoping it clicks for her soon! I am so over her being in pull ups!