Monday, June 24, 2013

Pregnancy update

We are getting closer and closer to the end of this pregnancy. It has really flown by! I am now 25 weeks and for a triplet pregnancy that is close to the end. Delivery will more than likely be between 32-35 weeks, possibly a little longer but it's not as common. We still do not have names picked out. We talk about it a lot but just haven't locked in on anything which is crazy! I looked back at my blog from my pregnancy with Bailey and we decided on her first name when I was 25 weeks and then her middle a few weeks later but I also carried her past 40 weeks! Ahhh these babies need names!! 

My Mother in law has been here for the past week and staying the rest of this week and then my mom arrives at the end of this week and staying until the babies come and we get into a routine. I am not on bed rest or even been told specifically to take it easy but it has been suggested by a couple of the doctors I have seen to start slowing down to increase the chances of keeping the babies in longer so I am trying! Taking it easy is not something I am good at, I am getting bored and antsy to do some projects!  The nursery has painted walls and two cribs so far. Crib #3 has been ordered but that's as far as I have gotten in there. I am anxious to get it completed! 

I kept this questionnaire going weekly through my pregnancy with Bailey but I have yet to do it this time around and would like to document some so later on I can look back

How far along? 25 weeks
How big is baby? well the babies were all just over a pound at my last visit 
Weight gain? around 21 lbs at this point including the weight lost and re-gained in the begining
Maternity clothes? I am enjoying my maternity wardrobe this time around! I have a couple maxi skirts, some tanks and a couple long dresses. I actually still fit in my jeans but they don't buckle and I am way too hot for jeans! 
Stretch marks? no new ones (had a few on my hips from Bailey
Sleep? I was sleeping great up until this week with the exception of several bathroom trips a night but this week since my MIL has been here getting up with Bailey in the mornings I think I am sleeping in too long in the mornings and just not tired at night so I just lay there and toss and turn!
Best moment this week? ehh nothing too exciting. As I said above I have been getting the chance to sleep in so that is nice! 
Movement? All the time! They are active little love bugs. Baby A is at the bottom and is a girl. When she moves I feel like I have to pee! Baby B is on my left side and another girl and she is the most active I would say, always a busy bee! Baby C is the boy on my right side and he is also a mover and causes a little pain up high sometimes 
Food cravings? No cravings per say. I have been baking a lot this week but need to cut that out! 
Gender? 2 girls and 1 boy
Labor signs? no but I believe I have had some small contractions here and there
Belly button in or out? it's in just stretched to the max already. So nervous about it popping out... 
What I miss? my energy! I am exhausted all the time now
What I am looking forward to? getting the room done and names picked out
Milestones? nope  

Bailey has been acting out like crazy lately and I feel sure it's because of my pregnancy. She knows I'm different and knows things are changing. I am not able to lift her as much and play as much and she is just not happy with me. We talk to her about the babies and she loves to talk about "baby brother" and "baby sisters" but she's only 2 so of course she doesn't fully understand what is happening. I hope she adjusts well, she has been the center of our world and I don't want her to ever feel like she isn't anymore! We are trying to spend a lot of special time with her and not be too hard on her for acting out but we also don't want to tolerate all the bad behavior. Such a fine line. We still have a long road ahead before we find our new "normal" in life. Hospital stays for me and for the babies and Nana here for an extended time then all the family here when the babies come. The help is appreciated and needed but for Bailey it just messes with her normal life and routine

 It will all work out and be fine it's just a little tough right now and exhausting for me!