Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bailey's Princess Birthday!

My baby girl is almost 3!! Where the heck did the time go? Her birthday is this coming weekend but we had her party yesterday. She chose Sofia the First for the party theme this year and it turned out beautiful! 

We had a crown decorating table for the girls and cape decorating for the boys 

Pretty Princesses! 

I never could get all the boys in once place with capes so no group shot but they turned out great too!

Bailey kept coming up to me and whispering "can I open my presents now?"
This was the first year she's done that and I'm sure the first of many!  

She had fun opening and lots of help! So many new fun things to play with! 
The original plan was to have most of the party outside but it was raining so plans changed which meant pinata inside! It was so much fun but 4 vacuum sessions later I still have little chunks of lollipops in my carpet! Lesson learned. NO lollipops in future pinatas!! Inside or out! 
 Bailey pulled her shy card and needed me to help her. We let all the kids have at least one turn and some two or three then finally Mason busted it open and the candy (and chunks of lollipops!) flew! 

Sarah had my camera and caught that awesome shot of the flying candy! 

Fun Fun Fun!! 

Such a pretty little Sofia princess! 

We had a blast! 


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Life update and Triplets at 6 months

So yesterday I looked back through my old blog and read Bailey's monthly updates and it was so fun! I love that I was keeping up better, it's really fun to look back at and see what she was doing when and my thoughts on things. It took me back and I remember every moment like it was yesterday! The reason I went back through was to find her 6 month update and see how much she weighed to compare the triplets 6 month weights and she was smaller!! I thought for sure she was always bigger than them at every age but she was a whole pound smaller than the girls now and two pounds smaller than Andrew! Mind blown. lol. She was also still breastfeeding every 3 hours and waking every 3 hours at night. I am so thankful that the triplets sleep through the night for the most part and are on a 4 hour feeding schedule! 

Life right now has been so busy! Days just fly by. I'm starting to feel a little more "normal" again lately but I've just been so stressed. Having 4 little munchkins is a lot of work! I go non stop. This past week has been warmer so we started using our quad stroller and getting out for walks and outside to play which has been amazing! The babies do well in the stroller for short periods then I have to keep it moving! As soon as it's warm all the time I will be setting up a pack n play in the garage and some other things to be able to move them around some until they are sitting better and can be on a blanket on the ground.

Patrick ordered their new car seats this week! I'm pretty excited!! Just need to get the stroller now and we'll be set! We're getting ready to get high chairs as well. It's crazy how fast they're growing and what they're ready for now! 

Bailey will be 3 in 3 weeks!! How did that happen?? She's so grown up in so many ways. She is super tall! Most people think she's at least 4 just by her height alone but then once they get her to come out of her shell and talk they are even more impressed. She is so smart. Her newest thing lately though is to talk in a baby voice which I'm not liking. Her life has changed dramatically bringing three babies home so we're trying to give her some slack but it's hard when we know how smart and mature she can be. We've been in the "terrible two's" for a while now going into the three phase which most Mom's swear is worse. She's in the "mine" phase where shes not as good at sharing as she once was but some days shes great it just depends! I'm looking forward to warmer weather and playing outside with friends more, I think it will be good for her! She's starting preschool in the fall! Ahh! I'm excited though, I think she will love it! It's only 3 hours two days a week so not too bad. 

The triplets are also growing fast! They are all such good babies and so fun. I feel guilty often that I cannot spend as much one on one time with them as I did with Bailey but I do the best I can. We switched formulas today from neosure 22 cal to Gerber soothe. Everyone has had one bottle of it so far and did well. I'm hoping it will make a big difference with their tummies. They all spit up a lot still, have gas and just seem to be uncomfortable so I'm excited about the switch and hope it helps! They're all taking 7 ounce bottles during the day at 8am, 11:30/12 & 4pm and 8 ounces at 7/7:30 before bed. We went with the time change and changed our schedule. I like the later mornings but don't like the later bedtime. We've added solids just over the last week in a half. The girls are doing great and will eat almost a whole container each but Andrew really isn't getting the hang of the spoon yet. They've tried squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas so far. We're eating solids once a day in the afternoon but I switch between times depending on what we're doing and trying to find what works best. Right now either between 2nd and 3rd bottle or 3rd and 4th bottle. They all still nap about three times a day. Everyone only takes one long nap usually and two shorter power naps. Before warmer weather they napped more but now I'm having them outside more so they've only had two naps the past couple days.

Weight: 15.6
Height: 25 inches
Clothes: 6 month and some 6-9 
Diaper: size 3

Miss Peyton is a roller! She is ALL over the place now! She does 3-4 rolls at a time and is half way across the room fast! She is still the demanding one and likes to be held a lot. We had concerns about her feet and legs, she tends to turn her feet in a lot and wasn't putting as much pressure on her legs as the other two but her pedi said she is just fine! We are going to take her to see an optometrist though. She still turns her left eye in a little too much for her age. Dr. Snyder doesn't seem too concerned but we'd like to make sure! Peyton is still my early riser, she's up between 5-6 every morning but as long as she's just talking and not screaming I leave her alone! She is sitting by herself as of yesterday! She is wobbly and falls forward after a couple minutes but it's a start! 

Weight: 15.2
Height: 25 inches
Clothes: 6 months and some 6-9
Diaper: 3 

Miss Brookie is a tummy girl! She is rolling like sissy but stops and hangs out on her tummy for a long time! She is sleeping on her tummy now too. She's the best sleeper at the moment. Still takes the longest to fall asleep, we go in and give her a paci a few times but once she falls asleep she's usually out. The last two mornings though she's been up just after 6 with Peyton. She's a good napper! Today she took a 2 1/2 hour nap in her crib!! That was a first. She is such a smiley, happy girl. She is not sitting yet but I think it's because she arches her back so much she just doesn't want to relax enough to sit. She as the other two are teething big time but Brooke is the main one teething on toys instead of just her hands and clothes! 

Weight: 16.8
Height: 25 inches
Clothes: 6 and 9 months
Diaper: 3

Mr. Andrew pants is a tummy sleeper like Brookie. He's rolling too but usually on the floor he'll either stay on his back or roll to his tummy and stay that way. He's not all about rolling all around the living room like the girls! When he's in a good mood he'll stay on the floor for a long time and just play with his hands! He is pretty demanding when he wants to be. If he's not happy he will let you know! The flat spot on his head is improving but still there and may or may not go away completely. He's had really red cheeks this past week and I was worried he was having some kind of reaction to a food he tried but turns out it's just dry skin so the pedi prescribed a thick cream and the first night we used it made a huge difference! Little man has such long hair around his face and ears! Brynn is coming this weekend to do my hair and I'm going to have her trim his a little already! 

Everyone is rotating between playmats, jump-e-roo's, bouncer chairs, bumbos, and floor time. No one likes any one thing more than others. Bailey was such a bouncer, bumbo, jump-e-roo baby but these guys aren't. I'm hoping they'll start enjoying everything a little more over the next month! I don't know what else to do with them at this age. With three of them they need to enjoy things other than me entertaining them all day long! They have all loved their swings SO much but they're starting to not like them as much now. They still nap well in them but just don't want to be in them as much as they did. I can't hold all three together all day!! Hoping they'll be sitting soon, I think they'll have more fun then!