Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bailey's Princess Birthday!

My baby girl is almost 3!! Where the heck did the time go? Her birthday is this coming weekend but we had her party yesterday. She chose Sofia the First for the party theme this year and it turned out beautiful! 

We had a crown decorating table for the girls and cape decorating for the boys 

Pretty Princesses! 

I never could get all the boys in once place with capes so no group shot but they turned out great too!

Bailey kept coming up to me and whispering "can I open my presents now?"
This was the first year she's done that and I'm sure the first of many!  

She had fun opening and lots of help! So many new fun things to play with! 
The original plan was to have most of the party outside but it was raining so plans changed which meant pinata inside! It was so much fun but 4 vacuum sessions later I still have little chunks of lollipops in my carpet! Lesson learned. NO lollipops in future pinatas!! Inside or out! 
 Bailey pulled her shy card and needed me to help her. We let all the kids have at least one turn and some two or three then finally Mason busted it open and the candy (and chunks of lollipops!) flew! 

Sarah had my camera and caught that awesome shot of the flying candy! 

Fun Fun Fun!! 

Such a pretty little Sofia princess! 

We had a blast! 


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