Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welcome home Adam!

Today one of my best friends got her hubby back after an 8 1/2 month deployment! I went with her and took photos! We went through our last deployment together so all day I couldn't help but feel like Patrick should be coming home too. I just love homecomings! If I get into photography more in the future I will definitely go to homecomings and take photos just for fun! Such a happy experience! 

 SO so happy for them!! 

In other news, I found a babysitter!! Woo hoo!! She was supposed to start on Monday but the girls have colds so we have to wait until next week now but yay! No more searching! 

Here is a little of what we've been up the last week or so...

 Bouncy house for Chloe's birthday. The girls loved it! 

 Lots of outside play! 

 Super sassy girls eating their fave! Pasta with alfredo. 

 TICKLE PARTY!! They all love to be tickled!! 


Attempted photos with their pumpkins but it was more chasing them around!

I love these sweet girls more than anything in the world! 
 We have a busy busy week ahead! My parents are getting in tomorrow to help with the kids for all of the business. :-)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's a Thursday

This morning I was up before my kids. Say Whaaat! They always pick mornings that I have to get up to sleep in. It was a school morning for Bailey so I had to get everyone up and fed and ready to go. 

Kayla came over while Bailey was at school and we started working on homecoming signs for her hubby! The two hours between getting home and leaving to get Bailey always flies. We had planned to catch up on SVU also but not enough time. She stayed with my nappers while I ran to get Bails and some lunch! 

Bailey was quite busy playing in her room and Peyton needed an afternoon nap so it was just Mommy and Brookie for a while. She loves those times :-) I do too. 

 We played outside for a while in the afternoon and I interviewed another sitter. I had one interview yesterday and another tomorrow. This is a little stressful! 

The little girlies are wearing Bailey's old pj's tonight and I was trying to take a pic but climbing on Daddy was too much fun so this is as good as it got! Bailey spent the evening at Chloe's eating lots of birthday cake! 

After all the kiddos were asleep I went to print some photos and stopped by Lowe's foods that just opened this week. I love new stores, I feel like I'm out of town! 

I'm super sleepy, I should go to bed. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

And the search is on

I spent the majority of today setting up interviews with babysitters. I posted a job on care.com and got a lot of responses. I'm excited but nervous. The idea of hiring a stranger to care for my kids scares me! I feel like we need someone though from time to time and to keep them familiar with the kids I am planning once a week while Bailey's in school. Interviews start tomorrow, wish me luck!

Today was a school day for Bailey. That little monkey was up at 6 this morning. I am dreading the time change next month! All 3 girls have been waking around 6 lately which means 5 when we fall back. Not cool! 

We were home pretty much all day. I was so sleepy! We ran to Panera around 3 for a cookie and caffeine fix but that didn't help, I was still sleepy! It was kind of stormy out this evening so we stayed inside and Patrick was late getting home so the girls and I played. Brooke was walking around so much today!! She would walk across the room and as she got close to where she was headed she started clapping for herself with the biggest grin! I wish I had gotten a video, it was adorable!! She was so proud of herself! 

 The closer we got to baby bedtime they got crazy! Haha. Both babies were climbing on me and fighting for my lap so Little People to the rescue! I got out Bailey's little people house and it was Mommy who! I slowly backed up into the kitchen and kept quiet while they played. I love watching them play all together! I also love watching Bailey's love for the little girls grow. She wants them to play with her all day. She never wants me to put them down for naps. She LOVES when they snuggle with her on the floor in the mornings. It's so sweet. <3

Monday, October 13, 2014

My favorite time of year!

October is always my favorite time of year. I love the fall colors, the weather change and all the pumpkins! This year is harder but I'm trying to still enjoy it. 

Every time I look at my blog I love reading my posts from Patrick's deployment. I think mostly because I updated everyday. I love that. There are so many little things I forget over time and it's fun to look back and remember! I am going to try to start daily updates again. For myself but also for anyone interested :-) 

Peyton and Brooke are the same age Bailey was when Patrick deployed so reading what things we did gives me ideas of things to do now. 

So we'll start with this weekend. Saturday we went to Mike's Farm with Kayla, Aaden and Blake. We ran into some of our other neighbors also and some Wilmington friends. It was PACKED! We go every year but we must always go on weekdays! We waited quite a while for the hay ride. We put our name down for dinner and they quoted a 4 1/2 hour wait! We didn't wait for dinner, we ended up leaving after the kids played on the big bounce house/slide that was set up. Patrick and the kids and I came straight home because the little girls were not so happy! We got home right before a crazy strom came out of nowhere! The girls had a quick dinner (carrots, waffles, and something else I can't remember) and went straight to bed! 


Yesterday, Sunday, Bailey went to MaLena's to play in the morning then they came over to our house to play and were here most of the day. Brookie and I went grocery shopping then back to watch football. I baked cupcakes in the afternoon and we took them out to share after dinner. Kind of a lazy day! 

 Trying to keep them busy so I could cook dinner!

 Today is Columbus Day. Patrick went hunting with one of our neighbors and the girls and I have been playing. We went to Kohls to use out Kohl's cash and back home. The baby girls are napping and Bailey is at Chloe's for a play date. I am watching SVU and blogging! Some unexpected Me time, love it! It's about 4:30pm now. I should cook while they're napping but I expect them up any minute! 

Yep, we look like summer today! As much as I LOVE fall and fall clothes I just can't do it when it's 80 degrees! Way too hot for all the cute fall clothes they have! The dresses the babies are wearing were both Bailey's! I love when they can wear her hand me downs. 

Time to cook dinner and do some laundry!