Monday, October 13, 2014

My favorite time of year!

October is always my favorite time of year. I love the fall colors, the weather change and all the pumpkins! This year is harder but I'm trying to still enjoy it. 

Every time I look at my blog I love reading my posts from Patrick's deployment. I think mostly because I updated everyday. I love that. There are so many little things I forget over time and it's fun to look back and remember! I am going to try to start daily updates again. For myself but also for anyone interested :-) 

Peyton and Brooke are the same age Bailey was when Patrick deployed so reading what things we did gives me ideas of things to do now. 

So we'll start with this weekend. Saturday we went to Mike's Farm with Kayla, Aaden and Blake. We ran into some of our other neighbors also and some Wilmington friends. It was PACKED! We go every year but we must always go on weekdays! We waited quite a while for the hay ride. We put our name down for dinner and they quoted a 4 1/2 hour wait! We didn't wait for dinner, we ended up leaving after the kids played on the big bounce house/slide that was set up. Patrick and the kids and I came straight home because the little girls were not so happy! We got home right before a crazy strom came out of nowhere! The girls had a quick dinner (carrots, waffles, and something else I can't remember) and went straight to bed! 


Yesterday, Sunday, Bailey went to MaLena's to play in the morning then they came over to our house to play and were here most of the day. Brookie and I went grocery shopping then back to watch football. I baked cupcakes in the afternoon and we took them out to share after dinner. Kind of a lazy day! 

 Trying to keep them busy so I could cook dinner!

 Today is Columbus Day. Patrick went hunting with one of our neighbors and the girls and I have been playing. We went to Kohls to use out Kohl's cash and back home. The baby girls are napping and Bailey is at Chloe's for a play date. I am watching SVU and blogging! Some unexpected Me time, love it! It's about 4:30pm now. I should cook while they're napping but I expect them up any minute! 

Yep, we look like summer today! As much as I LOVE fall and fall clothes I just can't do it when it's 80 degrees! Way too hot for all the cute fall clothes they have! The dresses the babies are wearing were both Bailey's! I love when they can wear her hand me downs. 

Time to cook dinner and do some laundry! 


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