Sunday, November 10, 2013

Triplets at two months

Ok well they are actually almost 10 weeks but I want to take a minute and share their two month update. We are finding our way and into some sort of a routine. They are all such good babies, very little fussing. They are all starting to be awake more but still sleep a lot and when they are all sleeping at the same time it's almost like they're not even here. Bailey has done well with this huge life change. She as we expected has been acting out and craving attention but all normal 2-3 year old things they just seem worse since we brought the babies home but I sometimes wonder if she would be the exact same if we didn't have any babies since a lot of what we're experiencing are normal "terrible twos" things that most of my friends have also experienced. We will never know. She loves the babies though and always wants to hug and kiss on them. She is a great helper too, always putting paci's back in when someones crying and Mommy or Daddy can't get to them at the moment. 


Freitas four <3 

Now for brief updates: 

All 3 are taking 4 oz bottles every 4 hours during the day with one night feed. They sleep 6-8 hours the first stretch then another 4-6 so usually a total of 12 hours at night. They're on neosure. The girls 22 calorie and Andrew 27 cal. 

Weight: 9lbs
Height: ?
 (I will edit this with the exact soon, I need to get it from the pedi) 
Clothes: NB 
Diaper: 1
  Miss Peyton is absolutely gorgeous and my only blondie! She is so content and bright eyed a lot of the time (when she's awake that is). She is a good sleeper, pretty much still sleeping her days and nights away. She likes to play on the floor and enjoys tummy time too! She likes to swing and loves snuggling with Mommy in the rocking chair <3 

 This little munchkin was so awake and fun we had a little photo shoot while the other two slept! 

Weight: just under 9lbs
Height: ? 
(Need to get the exacts from the pedi)
Clothes: NB
Diapers: NB 
Brookie Brooke is so adorable and has such a little personality already. She makes some of the cutest faces! She is also a good sleeper, loves the swing and enjoys playing on the floor. She is not as big a fan of tummy time but tolerates it pretty well for short periods. I think she may be having some reflux problems right now, shes been a little fussier at times and when she spits up she makes a horrible face. I will be calling this week! Brooke is a Daddy's girl already. She loves snuggling with Daddy <3 

Weight: 9.5
Height: ? 
(again, I will get the exacts to add )
Clothes: Still NB but popping out! 
Diaper: 1
This little man is so chill and such a snuggler! He loves being held by anyone really and would just snuggle all day if he could. Such a sweet boy! He does not like to be hungry and will let you know! He also really likes the floor time, swing and does pretty well with tummy time for short periods. He is still on his Lasix that he left the hospital on for the fluid that gets in his lungs. His cardiologist said he will leave him on it all winter in case he gets sick but will probably come off it after cold and flu season. You would never know by looking at him or being around him that he has a heart condition and will need major surgery sometime between now and 2 years of age. He is doing SO well. Everyone is shocked. Such a little fighter <3 

Notice he's holding up 2 fingers... yea he's a smarty pants already ;-) 
 Peyton was so sleepy from her photo shoot she fell asleep during the group shots!

Big sissy wanted to join in too!

All 3 love their paci's which is a great thing since we simply cannot hold everyone at once. 

We just started bottle propping this week which still makes me a little nervous but it's the only way to get all 3 fed at one time and I'm really working on this schedule thing! Now remember they are now 2 days shy of 10 weeks today. 


Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello Blog world! I have missed you! 

Life has been CRAZY busy the past few months but I have some pretty cute babies to show! 

Our triplets were made their entrance into the world on September 3rd at 3:51, 3:51 and 3:53pm. 

Peyton Abigail came out first weighing 4lbs, 11oz

Brooke Lynn came out next weighing 3lbs, 14oz

Andrew Patrick was last weighing 5lbs, 4oz
 Sorry about the photo quality of these. 
The girls stayed in the NICU 18 days and Andrew stayed 39 days. They are all home now and doing great!! 
They just turned two months this week! 


 Bailey loves being a big sister and always wants to be in their pics :) 

 As always, it is super late right now and I need sleep so more later!