Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello Blog world! I have missed you! 

Life has been CRAZY busy the past few months but I have some pretty cute babies to show! 

Our triplets were made their entrance into the world on September 3rd at 3:51, 3:51 and 3:53pm. 

Peyton Abigail came out first weighing 4lbs, 11oz

Brooke Lynn came out next weighing 3lbs, 14oz

Andrew Patrick was last weighing 5lbs, 4oz
 Sorry about the photo quality of these. 
The girls stayed in the NICU 18 days and Andrew stayed 39 days. They are all home now and doing great!! 
They just turned two months this week! 


 Bailey loves being a big sister and always wants to be in their pics :) 

 As always, it is super late right now and I need sleep so more later!


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