Friday, September 12, 2014

Preschool and ONE year olds

Last week was a big week!

 Bailey started Preschool on Tuesday and Peyton and Brooke turned one on Wednesday! Although it was also a hard week missing Andrew it was an exciting week for the girls! 

Bailey loves school! She goes two half days a week. I drive up and the teacher comes out and gets her from the car! That was one of the selling feathers for me on this school! So far, she has enjoyed every school day! I'm so excited for her! 

My parents came in on Tuesday night to spend the birthday week with us. On Wednesday we had cupcakes and opened a few presents and spent time just playing with our birthday girls. Peyton wasn't feeling well the whole day but Brooke had a BLAST! She was in the best mood all day and loved every part of the celebration! 

On the weekend, the rest of our family and Melissa came up from FL. We had a big party at the park for the girls with a lot of our friends. It was emotional but a lot of fun. We sent up balloons for Andrew. The girls were so spoiled by everyone. 

I can't believe they are one! This year has been a whirlwind. So many happy times and smiles, a lot of stress and exhaustion and.. losing Andrew. The worst pain we've ever experienced. I'm still very numb I think. I keep putting one foot in front of the other but when I stop for too long it hurts so bad. I want so much to rewind time and have him here. 


I realized as I started this entry that I did not take the girls photos with their 12 month stickers. I will do that this weekend! A week late is better than not at all right! 

We are almost done with bottles! It's a little bitter/sweet. I thought I would be so excited but I'm a little sad. Right now they take about 6 ounces in the morning and 2-4 oz at bedtime. We've cut the middle of the day bottles. They're not loving milk yet so I don't want to drop the other two until they are drinking some milk!  They are eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day which is kind of like 5 meals as they love to eat! The favorite foods are cheese sandwiches, french toast sticks, pancakes, bananas, carrots, green beans, baby fruit snacks, the little gerber cheese puff snacks in different flavors, pasta with alfredo or mac 'n' cheese,  Peyton loves fruits like, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, pears, etc. Brooke does not care for those although she will eat a little some times. I keep trying. Brookie loves the veggies!

They're still napping twice a day. 9/9:30am and 1/1:30 pm. Naps last between 1-2 hours most days. Brooke has refused one nap a day here and there lately but she'll end up crashing in the car later in the day if we're out or getting super grumpy in the last hour before bedtime. 

Our schedule isn't as strict as it has always been but we stay pretty close still. They wake between 7-8 and have a bottle. Breakfast between 8-8:30 depending on when they woke up. Snack when they wake from nap and lunch 12:30/1 or straight to lunch at noon if they take a longer nap. They snack again around 3 after the second nap, dinner between 5-6 and another small bottle at 6:45/7 and bed at 7.

weight: 20 lbs, 4 oz
height: just shy of 30 inches
clothes: 12 months
 diaper: size 4 

 Peyton is oh so close to walking! She has such great balance and stands all the time. She will take one step then drop and crawl to what she wants. She has 4 teeth and is working on another. This girl takes some time to warm up to people and somewhat freaks out if she gets too close to someone holding her before she's ready but once she's around you a little bit she comes around! She loves food! Man o man can she eat! She is saying Mama and Dada and waving and clapping. She will imitate other sounds and words we say. She loves shoes. She tries to put them on her feet and does not want help. She LOVES her blankie and blankies in general. She will hold them to her face and tilt her head to snuggle. She gets that bows go in her hair and will hold them up, wash cloths are for her face, her toothbrush goes in her mouth, etc. She loves music. 

weight: 20 lbs, 4 oz
height: 29 3/4 inches
clothes: 12 months
diaper: 4

Brookie boo is so laid back. She has the calmest personality in the house. She is so smiley! She takes to most everyone right away. Everyone tries to sneak her in their purse when they leave. She also loves eating! She is saying Mama and Dada, waving, and claps when she wants to. She does not like having bows in her hair but her hair is touching her eyes now so she has to wear ponies! She will mess with it but will leave it alone longer than a bow! Like sissy, she loves her blankie! She loves to walk holding our hands. She walks on her toes and walks fast! I don't think she's quite ready to walk on her own yet.