Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Triplets at 5 months!

Ahh these kids are growing too fast!! I've been looking at them lately thinking whoa when did you become babies, you were newborns yesterday!

They are at that stage where they're ready to do more but not big enough yet so I'm trying to keep them entertained the best I can. We pulled out the excersaucer and jump-a roo this week and they all like them but for short periods. They like their play mats and sitting in the bumbos for short periods. Brooke and Andrew like to sit in bouncers and watch "Bailey's shows" some also. Peyton will too but she is not as content for as long as they are. 

We hit a rough patch after RSV with sleep. Andrew was up multiple times a night every night and started screaming in the early morning and would not go back to sleep. Peyton was getting up around 5am. Brookie was the only one sleeping through until 7:00. The past three nights they've all slept through until 5:30-6, even 6:30 one morning! Amazing! Hope it keeps up!! 

How a day in the life at the Freitas house with 5 month old triplets looks....

Wake up sometime after 5am (the goal is always 7!), bottles, then depending on just how early sometime play time and sometimes straight to swings for a nap. If it's early and they nap right away I nap too until Bailey gets up. Their naps are getting shorter so there is always play mat, floor, and now jump-a-roo time before the next bottle. Then, bottle, play time, nap, repeat. Bedtime is 7 for babies and 8 for Bailey. Our bedtime routine has gotten so much better and I hope hope we can keep it up through our 2+ weeks in FL that is coming up next week! We do bottles around 6:30, put on pj's and sleep sacks then I lay babies down one by one awake with no paci and walk out. When someone fusses I go and give paci's. Andrew is on his second night of no paci! Peyton usually only fusses once then she's out. Brooke on the other hand, she takes a while to fall asleep but she just fusses, doesn't cry so we put the paci back in a few times and then she's asleep.

weight: not sure. There is no well check at 5 mos. boo.
Height: ^^
Clothes: some 3 months and moving into 6 months now! 
Diaper: still 2
 This sweet blondie is definitely my morning girl! Although, not always the first up she is always the happiest and gives the biggest smiles when I go to get her! I love it! She is the first (and only so far) to roll over. She rolled back to tummy first and now is rolling tummy to back sometimes too! She loves holding her feet every time she's on the floor. She sucks her bottles down like nothing when she's hungry but is the worst about spitting up. She is wearing bibs a lot now. She is our big talker! She loves to talk all the time and likes to talk loud!! She is super smiley and very curious. Sweet sweet baby girl <3

Weight: not sure. 
Height: not sure. 
Clothes: moving into 6 months! 
Diaper: 2 
Miss Brooke has become the mellow child. Who knew? She is content so much of the time now and so happy! She does not like to be hungry but who does really. This sweet girl is just so smiley all of the time! She's close to rolling over but hasn't quite made it over yet. Any day now. She likes to sit in the bouncer and watch tv with Bailey. I still think she'll be our Daddy's girl, she more than the others just lights up with he holds her and talks to her. :) 

Weight: 14 lbs, 3 oz. 
Height: not sure. 
Clothes: mostly 6 months but still in a few 3 month things
Diaper: 2 
He has to get the RSV vaccine every month that is how I know his weight. 
This boy has been giving me a run for my money this month with the lack of sleep but lets hope that's in the past! Little man is super smiley like his sisters but when he is mad buddy he wants the whole neighborhood to know about it! He is LOUD and gives no warning! He has started talking a lot too like Peyton and sometimes I swear they're talking to each other! So cute! He so far has no interest in rolling but has become fascinated with his hands and blankets. He really enjoys the play mat and also likes watching "Bailey's shows" his fave is Mickey Mouse! His hair is getting so long I'm considering letting Brynn trim around his ears when she comes next! 

All of them are still eating every 4 hours usually 7,11,3, & 7 although it's been more like 6, 10ish, 2-3, and 6:30 lately which I didn't like but I'm getting used to. They're taking 6 1/2 oz in the morning, 6 for the second and third feeding and 7 at bedtime. 

I think that's about it for now!