Friday, October 9, 2015

It's that time again...

My favorite time of the year!! 


I have started a catch up/recap post SO many times but never finish so I'm just going to skip the recap of the past 5 months and move on! hah. 
So what's new with us? 
We'll start with Bailey, she is in 5 day a week pre-k this year. It's 5 half days in the afternoon. I was nervous about the time and how it would affect the little girls naps but it worked out for us to carpool with one of our new neighbors who is in Bailey's class! The girls LOVE carpooling and have become good little friends! It's working out great! She is dancing again this year, doing ballet and tap! She loves it! She's so grown.

The little girls are growing SO FAST! They turned two the beginning of September and have just taken off! They are talking so much! I happened to weigh them today, Peyton is 24 lbs and Brooke is 25 and they are both right around 34 inches tall. They are both tall and skinny! Brooke is still rough and tough but she is so so sweet. She has become my little snuggle bug lately. In the morning and after nap she likes to sit with me in the recliner and just snuggle a while. Peyton is usually ready to eat so we don't always get the snuggle time she'd like. Peyton is stubborn as always but also super sweet! I am loving watching their little personalities and having so much fun with them! 

 Don't let that face fool you! She was having a blast in the ocean and mad we were leaving! Little beach lover!

Miss P had a dental check a couple months ago and was showing off her pretty smile :-) 

Patrick is recovering from a fractured ankle. He was home for a couple weeks after it happened. It was nice to have him around. He's back at work now and still waiting for word to come back about his medical findings and find out when he will be getting out of the military. We are rough guessing it will be around the end of the year or just into 2016 but who knows?!

What I do know though it that it is 1:00am! I did not realize how late it had gotten. I should go to bed!! 

Before I do though, a few quick photos from today and earlier in the week....

 I absolutely LOVE this photo! We were playing outside waiting for Bailey's ride to school and since Bailey wore boots and a jean jacket this day, the littles wanted to as well! They were having SO much fun and SO SO cute!! 

My beautiful girls! 

These next few are from the pumpkin patch today. :-) Peyton is quite the little model, always wanting her picture taken and posing! The other two though.. Bailey will stop and smile once or twice but then she starts saying "I don't want to take anymore pictures Mom". Not cool kid. haha! Brooke just doesn't stop! When she does she'll do a huge grin and say "cheeeeeesssseee" but she is almost never actually looking at me or the camera! 

Almost forgot about me..  

I am staying busy with orders! I am also taking a photography class and loving it! Eh. Short and sweet tonight.

It feels good to actually blog again! Thanks to a follower on my instagram saying she missed my blog! I will look back later and hate all the gaps! 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

May days

I can't believe May is almost over! It feels like it just started! Goodness. The days seem to fly by lately. We spend our afternoons outside playing with our neighbor friends and having lots of pool and water slide fun! I've been keeping busy with orders as well! At the moment, Patrick's parents and Priscila are here and my family comes in this coming week! 

Here is some of May so far with photos...

Mother's Day with my babies :-) 

Playing outside. They fight over most things!

 So much water fun!!! 
 Cool girls in their shades heading out for a walk! 

 Our big grill bit the dust so we got this little mini for now but it's right at the babies height and makes me a nervous wreck so this is my fix! 

Bailey had her last day of preschool for this year and her last dance class of the season! 

First and last day of school pics! She grew so much!

 They had an ice cream social on the last day of school! 

 The last ballet class was also dress rehearsal for Recital which is coming up this weekend and they gave out certificates and let the parents come in to watch. Poor Bailey had an accident though. When the teacher came out to get the parents she asked for Bailey's mom first and when I walked in the room, Bailey was the only child standing in the middle of the room in a puddle of pee. All of the other kids were sitting along the wall. She was so mortified and I felt so sad for her. I took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up but she would not go back in the room. She just cried and kept saying "I can't, I just want to go home". I almost cried for her I felt so bad. I finally got her to go in at the very end of class and take a picture with her certificate after all the other kids had left. It was such a sad way to end her otherwise fun dance season! I am hoping she will go on stage and dance at her recital. 

Peyton and Brooke are wearing 18 months clothes now and when I was cleaning in the garage the other day I found a tub of Bailey's 18 month clothes and they are all summer outfits! They fit perfect! They have been wearing big sissy's hand me downs for days now! I love it so much! I remember Bailey in each one of these outfits like it was yesterday. I cannot believe how fast the time flies and how big Bailey is now! 
 Day one in Bail's clothes! The girls are actually the same height, I don't know why it looks like P is so much taller in this pic!?

I was super brave one day a couple weeks ago when Patrick had duty and took the kids to CiCi's pizza by myself! Not sure if that sounds like a lot to most but it is! I was proud of myself!

I always feel like I forget things I'd like to add when I do these whole month recaps but I really can't remember if there aren't pics of the occasion! Bailey had her 4 year well check and shots. She did fantastic! Not one tear with her shots! There are a lot of days lately where she really acts 4 and we are having some serious listening problems but there are also days here and there where she is just so mature. That was one of those days/moments. 

The last 4 days have been crazy busy! One of our friends baby boy broke his femur and was transported to a hospital in Greenville on Thursday night. Her husband is deployed so I went with her. I didn't want her to be there alone. I've been there and it's scary when you have a child facing surgery. I ended up being with her until late Friday afternoon with no sleep Thursday night. I am very happy I was there with her and everything turned out good, he is doing well but it made for a long couple days! I beat my in laws to my house by just a short period of time Friday afternoon. We had a very full day Saturday of visiting with them and the beach! Sunday was not as busy but I had a lot of work to catch up on and then we went out to dinner. They will leave in the morning and then my family will arrive on Tuesday so I am hoping to get caught up on house cleaning and the rest of my orders tomorrow!! 

I think I took 90 some photos at the beach but here are just a few! It was such a nice afternoon and the girls had so much fun!! Patrick and Odair (Pat's dad) caught about 8 fish I think. We didn't go prepared to catch that many so they were just releasing them. The girls were amused every time they brought a fish in and would get all excited! 

We are planning another one or two beach days with my family this week! So fun!! 



Monday, April 20, 2015

Playing catch up!

I suck at blogging but everyone knows that! Life is too busy these days and I spend all my kid free time crafting or sitting and doing nothing!
To catch up a little since FEBRUARY... the girls and I did go to FL for about 10 days. We all got the stomach bug the week we were going to leave so had to push it back a week which shortened our trip but it was still fun to go! Mom flew up and drove with us. The trip down was fabulous, the girls did so good and we made it in 12 hours! Only stopped 3 times. While we were there we got to visit with all of our family and most of our friends. We met up with two of my triplet mom friends at SeaWorld one day, had a beach day, went to a work event with Nikki and Chris, had a surprise birthday celebration for Bailey, I had a couple adult nights with friends, pool day, park, and lots of fun just hanging out with the grandparents, Aunts and Uncle! Fun! Our trip back home was not as fabulous as we hit a lot of traffic. It took 14 hours and quite a bit more fussing but my Mom sat in the back and entertained a lot which was great!
A little of our trip...

A few pics I just love from March..
When we got back from Florida Bailey had her Easter party at school and school pictures.
 Her two school besties <3

The beginning of April was Easter and Bailey's birthday back to back! We had a nice Easter at home and did an egg hunt out front with our neighbors! There was a little neighborhood egg hunt also the weekend before that we went to.
Bailey's Birthday celebration was a several part, week long event! It started on Monday, her actual Birthday, we decorated the house the night before with streamers all over and balloons in her room! She woke up and the first thing she said while walking out of her room was something along the lines of "why are there balloons all over my floor? Now my room is a mess and I have to clean it up!". Well, Happy Birthday little miss! haha! Little grump! We had a nice day, she opened a couple presents in the morning, we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, went to Toys R Us, played outside with friends, then had dinner, cake and more presents when Patrick got home!
The next day was a school day and we got to celebrate at school. I brought in snack and the class sang to her!

On the weekend was her party with friends! We had a Mermaid/Under the Sea theme! I had SO much fun decorating for this party! I made all the decorations myself mostly using my cricut.

Since then I have spent most of my free time working on new things for my shop! I wish I had more hours in the day!  
We're back in our summer routine here now that the weather is warm. Play outside after school until dinner then back out some nights when it's really nice! Bailey only has 3 more weeks of school but public schools go into June. Once everyone is out of school we will be outside most of the day. It's lots of fun but doesn't leave much time for any indoor activities or work in my case! Oh my gosh. I didn't realize she only had 3 weeks left until I typed it just now. Wow. She is going to miss school so much! She loves school days!!!
Well I guess I am somewhat "caught up" on here. I need to do a baby update and one for Bailey too! Maybe soon! Kids are all in bed and I have two wreaths to make!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow day!

Today we got a little snow! Schools were closed and the roads were icy so we were house bound.

 Bailey said "Look baby sisters, can you believe it's snowing!?" 

Haha! It was adorable! 

 They spent a lot of the morning watching the snow come down either at the back door or out Bailey's window. 

When the babies went down for naps Bailey and I went out to play a little. 

 Most of our neighbors were out too! The kids had fun running around and throwing snow! It turned into icy rain while were out there so it got kind of yucky. Bailey went inside with one of her friends to get new gloves and never came back out! They were drinking hot cocoa! She stayed to play with them and I came in! It took two cups of coffee for me to fully thaw out! Brr!! 

The kids and I are planning a FL trip soon! Looking forward to some sunshine! 

I think I mentioned I re-opened my Etsy..? I've been working on a few new things this week to add soon! I started slow this time around so I don't get too overwhelmed too fast as in the past but I am getting eager to add new things already! :-) 


Monday, February 23, 2015

Still doesn't feel real.

Today the proof came in the mail for us to review for Andrew's grave marker. He's been gone 6 months now. Six months. There isn't one night that I go to sleep without at least a tear or two. I miss him so much. I feel so much anger that he was taken so soon. Sadness that his sisters won't have their own memories of him but only what we tell them and show them through pictures and videos. I have trouble walking past the boy section when shopping for clothes for the girls, I usually walk the other way. Some days go by with very little pain but some are unbearable. Picking out his grave marker was something I couldn't do. I don't know why specifically but every time I pulled out the information I would put it back. I finally did it. I have trouble putting into words how I feel most of the time but today I read this article shared in a group I'm in on Facebook and the majority of it explains my thoughts and fears as if I wrote it myself. A few parts don't really apply. I hope you read it.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's!

Cute little Valentine's!

 I've started a post at least 4 times in the past couple weeks and somehow don't finish so I'm behind! I always feel like when time passes and I've missed sharing things I need to go back and start where I left off. I'll do a quick catch up with mostly photos! 

 We had two absolutely beautiful spring like days last week with temps in the 70's! It was so nice to be outside!

 Peyton and Brooke are 17 months! I will do a baby update soon! 

 Brooke found a new hiding spot! Bailey's easel. 

Everyone wanted a tutu when Bailey was getting ready for ballet! Love!

 Red Day at Bailey's school. P & B wanted to be in the pic too! 

Bailey's school Valentine's party! Check out that loot! 
 My Secret Sister from my triplet group sent this beautiful bracelet with my handsome boy. So very thoughtful. 
 Peyton gave Brooke a cheerio and Brooke said "tank ou"! 

 Valentine crafts! 
Day before V-day with my sweet girls! 

And finally, back to today, Valentine's! The girls opened little goodies this morning, we attempted a little photo shoot with feather boas which wasn't a huge success but still a few cute pics! Bailey decorated heart cookies in the afternoon, the girls in their heart shirts I made and then a family photo before the littles went to bed! We went out to Walmart this afternoon and then picked up Cheddar's for dinner on the way home! 

Here's a close up of the shirts! A triplet mom in my group designed and shared these iron on file's with us so a lot of our littles were matching today! It was so cute though and we all know I love a project! This was actually my first time doing an iron on surprisingly! Way easier than sewing and embroidering, hah! 

Mostly the same 'ol stuff going on around here lately. The little girls are STILL sick. They get better for a day or so then sick again then better, then sick. They're not bad like before but runny noses and an occasional cough. Hopefully they will shake this soon!! 

I have been so sleepy in the evenings lately by the time Bailey goes to bed I just want to relax a little then go to bed myself. The house cleaning has fallen behind. That will be my goal for the week! Cleaning and laundry. Yay. 

It's after 10 now and I can barely keep my eyes open. Goodnight! 

Happy Valentine's Day!