Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy February!

This just happens to be one of my favorite months! It's my Birthday month! It's also the month of love and I love all the hearts and pink that go along with Valentine's! I've had my Valentine's mantel done for a couple weeks now, I just couldn't wait! I've had trouble getting good pics to share though because of all the gloomy days we've had around here lately and the way the windows are placed in my living room but it is nice and sunny today so I'll try again!

Yesterday I decided Bailey's room needed a little re-organizing which I love to do! Her room is never finished, I am always changing it around and changing my mind! I've also had cute frames that I painted on her wall for MONTHS now and half of them still don't have anything in them! I must get on that..... one of these days! 

Until yesterday we still had her changing table in place of that book/toy shelf and the shelf was in her closet but I decided we needed more toy storage since her room doubles as her play room and I just hate all the clutter! So I switched them, the changing table is now in the closet to collect all of the stuff I don't want her able to reach!
I love the change! It opens the room up and she's loving having bins to pull out and dump! Since she is a climber I can't put anything too enticing on top of the shelf like I would like to so it's just diapers and her night light. And yes, half of those frames are empty like I said above, I just haven't decided what I want in them
As soon as I take this pic and turn around to get one of her organized toy corner I see this....
Not so organized anymore! 
And then I walk out for a moment and come back to find this...

Told ya she loves dumping those bins! 
Possibly one day when her room is clean and she is occupied in the living room I will get my nice camera out and take photos of her whole room to share! Maybe I will even fill those frames.. I said maybe.. don't count on it! 
Hope you have a great February!