Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tis the season

For holiday fun! 
I can't believe how fast December is flying by! There is so much more to do yet only 13 days until Christmas! Ahh!! 

A little holiday fun we've had in the past week... 
 A cute little event downtown with real snow, crafts, hay rides, food, etc. The lines were way too long so we didn't do much but it was something to experience one time! 

 Not a holiday event but something fun with all of our neighbors! MaLena's b-day party! Since it's cold outside now we don't see anyone. It was so fun to hang out with our Hughes Lane crew! 

Gingerbread house decorating! Bailey had so much fun!

This is not a good pic but the only one I took at the Military kids Christmas gift giveaway! It was on Tuesday morning so Bailey was in school but the baby girls and I went and it was so nice. They each got a bag of books and puzzles.


Just a fun little photo sesh in super cute Christmas shirts! :-) 

 Reindeer footprints! We did these today. I LOVE how it turned out! 

The little girls woke up with runny noses this morning and we pretty cranky most of the day. I am so hoping this is a quick little cold and they start feeling better by the weekend! All the kids ended up in ER last Christmas (On Christmas day) with RSV. We don't want a repeat! 


Saturday, December 6, 2014

15 month update

As I said the other day, the baby girls are 15 months now! They are growing up so much and really turning into little toddlers now. We're enjoying it! Patrick realized yesterday that he missed Bailey at this age. He deployed soon after she turned 1 and missed the next few months. Bailey was always a huge mama's girl and spent little quality time with just Dad but Peyton and Brooke are definitely not that way at all! They love Daddy time! They get soo excited when he comes home from work! It's adorable! 


Peyton Abigail is so girly! I love how she loves headbands, and bracelets! And she loves to have her picture taken! She sees my phone pointed near her direction and says cheeeese! 

She is understanding everything so well now. I can ask her to go get a diaper, wipes, blankie, etc and she does! I can ask her where things/people are and she can usually point to them. She also points to what she wants or what she is trying to communicate about and keeps at it until we get what shes trying to say! 

She LOVES her blankie! The aiden and anais ones from Target. Doesn't have to be one specifically but just one of that kind. She's started taking it with us when we leave the house sometimes now. 

The NC weather is so crazy this time of year, it will be in the 30's then jump up to the 70's so we've been playing outside some days when it's warm enough and the girls walk around playing like the big kids do now! It's crazy! They get so mad when I make them come in. Especially Peyton! 

Peyton is still the loud one in the group! She whines a lot when she is tired or wants something she can't have, can't figure out how to communicate something, etc. 

She has really mastered 'MORE' in sign language and uses the sign correctly when she wants more food! She always wants more food! haha. She also figured out which cabinet the baby snacks are in and goes to it and tried to open it when she's hungry!

Speaking of food, the faves are still pretty much the same as the last update I believe. Breakfast foods like pancakes, french toast sticks, etc. Fruit, pasta with alfredo & cheese sandwiches. Some newer faves are PB&J sandwiches, and beans. She also loved the stuffing at Thanksgiving!

And Capri Sun! We were outside at a neighbors a few weeks back and she got her hands on one of the other kid's capri sun and she LOVED it! I don't give it to them but when we're somewhere and they have them she HAS to have one!

This pic is blurry but I just love it!

Brooke Lynn is such a busy bee, she is always moving. She rarely sits/stands in one spot for long! From one thing to the next to the next, she's always on the go! She has just this past week learned how to "twirl" from big sis and the two of them practice ballet together! It's adorable! She is always so proud of herself and of course we clap and yay for her! She also this week learned a new word.. "baby"! She picks up a baby doll and says "baby".  Shes saying similar words also like "bobby", "boppy". Not sure that Bobby means anything but boppies are the pillows we still use for them to lay back and drink milk and she knows that! She talks all the time. A lot of babble but it's so cute. She always says "AaDo", "AaaaDo" over and over when we're riding in the car. No idea what she means if anything but she loves when we repeat it back to her! 

She has become quite a snuggler recently! She wants to be held and sit in my lap a lot now. So sweet. 
Like sissy, she loves her blankie (maybe not quite as much as Peyton though.) and has started carrying it around more. She is also understanding things a lot more and can do a lot of things I ask her to. 
Yesterday she figured out how to climb up onto the couch! Mommy's not loving this new trick! Peyton figured it out shortly after. They did it over and over again until nap time which I may have made a little earlier because I was tired of removing them from the couch! I only really worry because the lower couch that they can get on is the one not against the wall so I worry about them flipping over the back! 
Food wise, she shares most of the same faves as Peyton but she will eat a little more variety! Brooke will eat chicken, tuna and meats, Peyton won't. Brooke didn't used to like fruits that much but lately she is eating them up! It's always funny to watch what they eat when I fix plates with more than a couple options. Tonight for instance, I fixed the babies left over lasagna and put some oranges on their plates too. Brooke dove right into the lasagna and ate it all where as Peyton ate all the oranges and kept asking for more until they were gone, ate a few bites of lasagna and then whined until I gave her some of Bailey's mac n cheese (we had ordered BWW to go)! Brooke got the rest of Peyton's lasagna and Peyton got Brooke's oranges! They will trade foods with each other and always give the other some when they run out! Sometimes we help with this process but most of the time they do it on their own. 
I honestly don't know know weight and height right now. I will have to put them on our home scale to see but I am guessing around 22 lbs. They're still in 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers. They're wearing size 4 shoes. 
These girls are so sweet and so full of life. Although our days are BUSY and I am always exhausted I wouldn't trade a minute. The days are really flying by. I am always shocked when I look at the clock and it's 4-5pm already! Where did my day go! 
A little of this past week..
Their 15 month pic! 
 So much of the time, Peyton and Bailey play together. They will fight over toys but they will also spend long periods sitting and playing with the same toy. Brooke is always off on her own, moving from toy to toy. She will play with them some but seems to get bored quicker.
 Lasagna face!!

 Love my little reindeer! I also love the $1 section at Target where I got these cute antlers and so many other cute things!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


We went to see Santa today!

 It's a picture of a picture but I love it! The girls wouldn't smile but I was so happy they didn't scream!

The only thing Bailey told Santa she wants an American Girl Doll..  I only thought I was done shopping for her! 

The baby girls are 15 months today! I will do an update on them soon! I am so sleepy and just cleaned for hours so thinking I'm going to cut this short and head to bed!