Sunday, December 23, 2012

Where has this month gone!?

I am feeling pretty bad that I haven't blogged in almost 3 weeks! Geeze! I didn't even realize how fast these weeks were flying by and every time I sat down at the computer I got distracted with something else and thought "I'll get to this tomorrow". Yea right

Anyway.. It has been a crazy/fun month so far and I am beyond excited for Christmas!!! As I said a few weeks back I knew even though I got a great start on shopping I would still end up last minute finishing and I was not wrong! I still have about 3 more presents left to buy but all are for family or friends in FL and we're not leaving until after Christmas so I have decided at this point I will wait until Wednesday to finish up! Maybe I'll catch a sale?

We had our Marine Corps ball on the 15th. It was in Myrtle Beach so my Mom came to stay with Bailey and it was the first time I left her overnight! I expected to cry but I didn't! I think I was ready for a little getaway even if it was only one night! We had a beautiful room on the beach and really enjoyed our time away! We were kicking ourselves for changing our reservations last minute from two nights to one! 

I forgot my camera which NEVER happens so we only have Iphone pics from the night

My Mom stayed a whole week so we had lots of fun hanging out with her! We put our Christmas aprons to good use and baked some cookies one night! 

This was the first time I let Bailey help this much and she had SO much fun! We laughed so hard at her :)

That sweet face melts my heart <3 
This is when she decided to add some extra ingredients! haha! Good thing the cap was still sealed or we would have been eating detangler cookies! 
We also went to see Santa and went on a hay ride through Christmas lights while Mom was here! I will share pics of those experiences later! 
Hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! 


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mail is so much fun!

Looks fun right?! 
Bailey got a box from my Mom and Dad (Nana and Pa Pa) today and she could not have been more excited! It was ah-dor-a-ble watching her dig through the box! She would say "Party" every time she threw a bag or tissue paper!

Elmo got left at Nana and Pa Pa's when we were down there last time so he jumped in the box! She was like "Hey where have you been?" lol 
She got a ton of Christmas outfits and Pj's and a Christmas apron hand made by Nana! 

How cute is she in her little apron?! I love it! Ready for some Christmas baking! 
Mom made a matching one for me too! 

Maybe I'll share a pic of us in them together later! 
I am even more excited now for Christmas morning after watching her open this box! She's going to have so much fun!! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December!

Although it's after midnight I'm going to pretend it's still December 1st! 

I had a fabulous day to kick off this holiday month which included some Christmas shopping ALL.BY.MYSELF.! 

I can proudly say I am pretty much done with Bailey's gifts! Crazy right? 

I'm the one who finished shopping for her last year on Christmas Eve when there were just a few random people running through Toys R Us as they were closing! 

Don't get me wrong, chances are good I will still be a last minute shopper this year but I am very excited to have gotten such a great start! 

I almost hate shopping early though because I am way too excited for her to open everything it's going to be hard for me to wait! 

I will wait though! 

I can't believe how fast this past week flew by! We are finally well in our house and things are starting to get back to normal

I have been playing with the new camera and I'm starting to understand more about it but still have SO much to learn! 

This is one of my favorite ornaments I made a few years back and it was a fun little model for me to take pictures of while playing with settings! 
This year I am having trouble decorating. I threw out a lot of old decorations last year that I was so tired of and thought I would buy new this year but with being sick and having lots of other things to do I just haven't gotten to it yet so I am left with a half decorated mantel and random decorations around the house! 
I have a lot of DIY Christmas decor projects I want to tackle also just have to find the time!! 
In other news... Patrick's recruiting package was approved so we will be moving somewhere within the next 6-12 months or less. More on that later. 
Lots of emotions for me with all of this.