Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mail is so much fun!

Looks fun right?! 
Bailey got a box from my Mom and Dad (Nana and Pa Pa) today and she could not have been more excited! It was ah-dor-a-ble watching her dig through the box! She would say "Party" every time she threw a bag or tissue paper!

Elmo got left at Nana and Pa Pa's when we were down there last time so he jumped in the box! She was like "Hey where have you been?" lol 
She got a ton of Christmas outfits and Pj's and a Christmas apron hand made by Nana! 

How cute is she in her little apron?! I love it! Ready for some Christmas baking! 
Mom made a matching one for me too! 

Maybe I'll share a pic of us in them together later! 
I am even more excited now for Christmas morning after watching her open this box! She's going to have so much fun!! 

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