Thursday, June 12, 2014

9 months!

The babies are 9 months! 

In some ways it feels like these little munchies should be 5 by now but in other ways it feels like they were just born and I can't believe 9 months have gone by! Days are long but the weeks and months seem to fly. Our schedule is always changing. As of this week it looks something like this...

Wake up around 6:30-7am
7am- bottle. I'm trying to push this to 7:30 with hopes of 8:00 eventually
9am- Solids. Usually fruit with cereal mixed in
9:45/10am- Nap. This lasts anywhere from 1-2 hours
12:00- bottle. Still 8oz
1:00- Solid. Usually yogurt
1:45/2- Nap. 1-3 hours. It really varies. 
4:00- Bottle
5 or 6ish or whenever we eat dinner they have a little of what we're eating or some more baby food. 
7/7:15- bottle and bed. 

We have 9 month well check's next week so I'll add weight and heights then! 

Weight: 19.1 lbs
Height: 27.7 inches
Clothes: 9 months and still a few 6-9 things 
Diaper: 4
 Peyton is on the go big time! She has been crawling for a month or so now and doesn't stay still for long! She is pulling up on everything now too and loves to stand. She is a hard core Mama's girl just like big sis and screams when I leave the room or if she hears my voice and I'm not close enough to her. Most mornings I have her and Bailey in my lap while the other two play. She is saying Mama, Dada, Baba, etc but mostly just making the sounds although I think she is understanding who Mama is! She is still very entertained by Bailey and just laughs and laughs at her. She has the cutest little laugh/squeal when she's excited. She's the most vocal of the group for sure! Because she's more mobile than everyone else I have to watch.. she'll go take toys or bottles away and take off with them leaving a screaming sibling behind. They all do it but can't move away as fast as this girl. She has two little white dots on her top gums so I keep expecting to see teeth pop though soon! 

Weight: 18.9 lbs
Height: 27.4 inches
Clothes: 9 months and some 6-9 
Diaper: 4
Brookie is seriously just the sweetest thing ever. She is always just so patient and relaxed. She is SO close to crawling but just not quite there yet. She tries so hard! She is doing an army crawl of sorts to get where she wants to go and then she gets up on her hands and knees and rocks then puts her feet and hands on the ground and sticks her butt in the air. Maybe she'll just skip traditional crawling and go straight to walking! She is just so content to stay in one spot to play I honestly think she just doesn't feel the need to go. She sits great but still isn't transitioning from laying to sitting. Loves being on her tummy still. Her hair is long enough to wear bows without headbands! They don't stay in for long but it's so fun! 

Weight: 19.1 lbs
Height: 27.5 inches
Clothes: 9 months and moving into 12
Diaper: 4
 Andrew is a silly little dude! He rolls super fast to get around and is starting to get on his hands and knees some also but hasn't made any forward movement yet. He isn't sitting very well yet. We will be having a consult to see if he needs physical therapy. He's starting to sit some though so he may just be taking his time! He, like his sisters finds Bailey super funny! He hasn't been big on sleeping through the night lately, he ends up in the pack n play in our room most nights so he doesn't wake the girls. He's still spitting up A LOT. He was switched to soy formula but it doesn't seem to make much difference so hoping to come up with a new plan at his well check next week. His heart surgery has been scheduled for August 5th. I'm ready to get it over with and be on the other side!

 Nine month photos didn't go as well as some months.. no one was all that interested!

Everyone is a big fan of baby yogurt and baby food fruits. We're working on veggies and meats now, they're doing better! The girls like to eat bites of our foods but so far Andrew isn't interested. The girls also like puffs and can self feed! All are using sippy cups! They drink water at meal times. Brooke is awesome with her cup! She picks it up, holds it and drinks! Peyton is the least interested but when we hold it for her she'll drink some. Andrew can do his by himself but usually ends up playing more than drinking but he drinks some too! We're using the munchkin brand weighted straw sippies.  

We gated off our living room this month to keep Peyton in. It looks like a big play room now. We started using their big kid car seats sometime in the last month or so and love them! We're looking forward to them being able to face forward so we can put all three across the back row and make it easier to get everyone in and out! For now I have a system of moving one baby to Bailey's seat when she gets out and sits in the front while I get the other out and then no one is left in the parking lot alone! I prefer to go out with Patrick though to make life way easier for everyone! 

In other news.. Bailey started Ballet class this week and loves it!! She wasn't shy at all like I expected. I was prepared to walk her in and have her be all clingy but nope, when they opened the door she just ran in with the other girls and didn't even say bye or look back! That gives me hope that preschool won't be as I expect either.