Sunday, November 10, 2013

Triplets at two months

Ok well they are actually almost 10 weeks but I want to take a minute and share their two month update. We are finding our way and into some sort of a routine. They are all such good babies, very little fussing. They are all starting to be awake more but still sleep a lot and when they are all sleeping at the same time it's almost like they're not even here. Bailey has done well with this huge life change. She as we expected has been acting out and craving attention but all normal 2-3 year old things they just seem worse since we brought the babies home but I sometimes wonder if she would be the exact same if we didn't have any babies since a lot of what we're experiencing are normal "terrible twos" things that most of my friends have also experienced. We will never know. She loves the babies though and always wants to hug and kiss on them. She is a great helper too, always putting paci's back in when someones crying and Mommy or Daddy can't get to them at the moment. 


Freitas four <3 

Now for brief updates: 

All 3 are taking 4 oz bottles every 4 hours during the day with one night feed. They sleep 6-8 hours the first stretch then another 4-6 so usually a total of 12 hours at night. They're on neosure. The girls 22 calorie and Andrew 27 cal. 

Weight: 9lbs
Height: ?
 (I will edit this with the exact soon, I need to get it from the pedi) 
Clothes: NB 
Diaper: 1
  Miss Peyton is absolutely gorgeous and my only blondie! She is so content and bright eyed a lot of the time (when she's awake that is). She is a good sleeper, pretty much still sleeping her days and nights away. She likes to play on the floor and enjoys tummy time too! She likes to swing and loves snuggling with Mommy in the rocking chair <3 

 This little munchkin was so awake and fun we had a little photo shoot while the other two slept! 

Weight: just under 9lbs
Height: ? 
(Need to get the exacts from the pedi)
Clothes: NB
Diapers: NB 
Brookie Brooke is so adorable and has such a little personality already. She makes some of the cutest faces! She is also a good sleeper, loves the swing and enjoys playing on the floor. She is not as big a fan of tummy time but tolerates it pretty well for short periods. I think she may be having some reflux problems right now, shes been a little fussier at times and when she spits up she makes a horrible face. I will be calling this week! Brooke is a Daddy's girl already. She loves snuggling with Daddy <3 

Weight: 9.5
Height: ? 
(again, I will get the exacts to add )
Clothes: Still NB but popping out! 
Diaper: 1
This little man is so chill and such a snuggler! He loves being held by anyone really and would just snuggle all day if he could. Such a sweet boy! He does not like to be hungry and will let you know! He also really likes the floor time, swing and does pretty well with tummy time for short periods. He is still on his Lasix that he left the hospital on for the fluid that gets in his lungs. His cardiologist said he will leave him on it all winter in case he gets sick but will probably come off it after cold and flu season. You would never know by looking at him or being around him that he has a heart condition and will need major surgery sometime between now and 2 years of age. He is doing SO well. Everyone is shocked. Such a little fighter <3 

Notice he's holding up 2 fingers... yea he's a smarty pants already ;-) 
 Peyton was so sleepy from her photo shoot she fell asleep during the group shots!

Big sissy wanted to join in too!

All 3 love their paci's which is a great thing since we simply cannot hold everyone at once. 

We just started bottle propping this week which still makes me a little nervous but it's the only way to get all 3 fed at one time and I'm really working on this schedule thing! Now remember they are now 2 days shy of 10 weeks today. 


Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello Blog world! I have missed you! 

Life has been CRAZY busy the past few months but I have some pretty cute babies to show! 

Our triplets were made their entrance into the world on September 3rd at 3:51, 3:51 and 3:53pm. 

Peyton Abigail came out first weighing 4lbs, 11oz

Brooke Lynn came out next weighing 3lbs, 14oz

Andrew Patrick was last weighing 5lbs, 4oz
 Sorry about the photo quality of these. 
The girls stayed in the NICU 18 days and Andrew stayed 39 days. They are all home now and doing great!! 
They just turned two months this week! 


 Bailey loves being a big sister and always wants to be in their pics :) 

 As always, it is super late right now and I need sleep so more later!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

30 week update

How far along? 30 weeks and 4 days 
How big is baby? As of last Wednesday (29 weeks and 5 days) Babies B & C were 2.11 and baby A was 2.12
Weight gain?
30-32 lbs depending on the day! 
Maternity clothes? nothing new since the last update
Stretch marks? still no new ones!
Sleep? still sleeping well once I fall asleep but the getting comfortable part takes a while and I usually pee several times a night and have to get comfortable all over again
Best moment this week? getting an A+ from my MFM :-) She thinks I can make it to 36 weeks. We'll see about that, I get more uncomfortable every day.
Movement? Lots of movement all the time! Baby boy has a large fluid pocket and apparently has lots of room to move so he makes me nutty with all his moving from side to side
Food cravings? still nothing consistent. I'll just get a craving for something or another but once I get it I move on to something else.
Gender? 2 girls, 1 boy
Labor signs? nope. I had some big contractions week before last when I was put in the hospital but it was because I had been throwing up all morning and had to drive down to Wilm so the dehydration caused the contractions but since then just a small one here and there but no other signs
Belly button in or out? Not really in or out at this point just sort of flat and stretched
What I miss?  just being about 30 lbs lighter! lol With football season fastly approaching I'm missing beer a little but not too much longer! 
What I am looking forward to? not being pregnant anymore! 
Milestones? hitting 30 weeks! Anything past 25-26 with triplets starts to become milestones I think! 
 30 weeks and 3 days :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

27 weeks along

Just a quick pregnancy update for me to have for later :) 

How far along? 27 weeks today
How big is baby? at my appt this past Wed. (2 days ago) two of them were 1lb 14oz and one was 2lbs
Weight gain? 22 lbs 
Maternity clothes? same as the last update but I added a new maxi skirt that I wore for the 4th yesterday
Stretch marks? still no new ones
Sleep? it's getting more uncomfortable to fall asleep at night. I usually sleep the best in the early morning 
Best moment this week? hmm baby wise I would say my weekly appt with my MFM doc and getting to see the babies
Movement? Yes they are busy! Baby B (girl on my left side, kind of in the middle of my tummy) is the most active by far and then baby C (boy on my top right) is next. Baby A (girl at the bottom) is also active but I think because of her placement I don't always feel her movements as well! I do at night though! 
Food cravings? nothing consistent. I always want different sweets but try to eat them in moderation!
Gender? 2 girls, 1 boy
Labor signs? nope. I do feel some tightness here and there but really don't think they are contractions but they could be
Belly button in or out? Not really in or out at this point just sort of flat and stretched
What I miss?  Ooo being able to dry my feet and legs when I get out of the shower! Haha! Sounds crazy but with baby A being SO low it is a hard task! I also miss being able to get up by myself. I can get down on the floor and am fairly comfortable to sit indian style but getting up is another story and if someones around to help I let them!
What I am looking forward to?  picking names. We are having the hardest time! We don't even have one yet or even a "like" list. It's sad. Mom is planning to pick up a name book while she's out today so hopefully that will help!
Milestones? I would say getting to 27 weeks without any complications! For a triplet pregnancy I think that's fairly rare from what I read in the triplet groups I'm in! 

We got the third crib in and set up last week and now I just need to make the bedding and decorate a little in the room! Annd.. get dressers ordered! We picked up dreft detergent to get all the baby clothes washed! One step at a time. I feel like it's taking me WAY longer to get everything done this time around but my energy level and capability are just not the same as before plus with Bailey bug always wanting to "help" it makes everything move slower! 

My Mom got here last week and is staying for the duration of my pregnancy and until we are good on our own after we bring the little ones home so once we get through this holiday week we should start moving faster getting everything checked off my baby to do's list!! 

Sorry for the boring read, this post is more for me to document where we're at at this point. There will most likely be a few more like this then you can look forward to the life with triplets posts! Those should be more interesting!   


Monday, June 24, 2013

Pregnancy update

We are getting closer and closer to the end of this pregnancy. It has really flown by! I am now 25 weeks and for a triplet pregnancy that is close to the end. Delivery will more than likely be between 32-35 weeks, possibly a little longer but it's not as common. We still do not have names picked out. We talk about it a lot but just haven't locked in on anything which is crazy! I looked back at my blog from my pregnancy with Bailey and we decided on her first name when I was 25 weeks and then her middle a few weeks later but I also carried her past 40 weeks! Ahhh these babies need names!! 

My Mother in law has been here for the past week and staying the rest of this week and then my mom arrives at the end of this week and staying until the babies come and we get into a routine. I am not on bed rest or even been told specifically to take it easy but it has been suggested by a couple of the doctors I have seen to start slowing down to increase the chances of keeping the babies in longer so I am trying! Taking it easy is not something I am good at, I am getting bored and antsy to do some projects!  The nursery has painted walls and two cribs so far. Crib #3 has been ordered but that's as far as I have gotten in there. I am anxious to get it completed! 

I kept this questionnaire going weekly through my pregnancy with Bailey but I have yet to do it this time around and would like to document some so later on I can look back

How far along? 25 weeks
How big is baby? well the babies were all just over a pound at my last visit 
Weight gain? around 21 lbs at this point including the weight lost and re-gained in the begining
Maternity clothes? I am enjoying my maternity wardrobe this time around! I have a couple maxi skirts, some tanks and a couple long dresses. I actually still fit in my jeans but they don't buckle and I am way too hot for jeans! 
Stretch marks? no new ones (had a few on my hips from Bailey
Sleep? I was sleeping great up until this week with the exception of several bathroom trips a night but this week since my MIL has been here getting up with Bailey in the mornings I think I am sleeping in too long in the mornings and just not tired at night so I just lay there and toss and turn!
Best moment this week? ehh nothing too exciting. As I said above I have been getting the chance to sleep in so that is nice! 
Movement? All the time! They are active little love bugs. Baby A is at the bottom and is a girl. When she moves I feel like I have to pee! Baby B is on my left side and another girl and she is the most active I would say, always a busy bee! Baby C is the boy on my right side and he is also a mover and causes a little pain up high sometimes 
Food cravings? No cravings per say. I have been baking a lot this week but need to cut that out! 
Gender? 2 girls and 1 boy
Labor signs? no but I believe I have had some small contractions here and there
Belly button in or out? it's in just stretched to the max already. So nervous about it popping out... 
What I miss? my energy! I am exhausted all the time now
What I am looking forward to? getting the room done and names picked out
Milestones? nope  

Bailey has been acting out like crazy lately and I feel sure it's because of my pregnancy. She knows I'm different and knows things are changing. I am not able to lift her as much and play as much and she is just not happy with me. We talk to her about the babies and she loves to talk about "baby brother" and "baby sisters" but she's only 2 so of course she doesn't fully understand what is happening. I hope she adjusts well, she has been the center of our world and I don't want her to ever feel like she isn't anymore! We are trying to spend a lot of special time with her and not be too hard on her for acting out but we also don't want to tolerate all the bad behavior. Such a fine line. We still have a long road ahead before we find our new "normal" in life. Hospital stays for me and for the babies and Nana here for an extended time then all the family here when the babies come. The help is appreciated and needed but for Bailey it just messes with her normal life and routine

 It will all work out and be fine it's just a little tough right now and exhausting for me! 



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Big things!

Where to begin? 

Oh how about with... I'm 16 weeks pregnant! We found out super early (at 3 weeks) and I was feeling great until about 5-6 weeks. I started having some bad pains and went into the ER. They ran all kinds of tests and kept me for hours and finally said it was a cyst causing the pain and that my pregnancy wasn't going to make it. They said I had 3 gestational sacs but no fetal poles or heartbeats. 

Well they were wrong. 

About a week later (on Valentine's Day) I was able to get in with an OB and they found heartbeats. Yes, you read right, heartbeats. Three to be exact. TRIPLETS. I was shocked and not very excited to say the least. I went into somewhat of a depression for the next couple weeks trying to cope with this news. I got very sick and couldn't keep much of anything down, lost 4 lbs and was just out of it completely. My Mom came and stayed for those weeks to help with Bailey and keeping my house running. 

I have slowly come around to the idea and I am doing MUCH better now. I don't know why I had SUCH a hard time with this news but it was just something I never expected and all that I could see in my future was never leaving my house alone with my FOUR kids under age 3 and having to have a quad stroller to go anywhere, having to buy two new vehicles just so we can all fit and the financial side of things and I just kept getting myself more and more stressed and scared. I was also very scared about the pregnancy and delivery and what it will do to my body and also the babies. I was told everything that can go wrong at my first OB visit and google is not always your friend in these situations so scared didn't even come close to how I was feeling. 

I definitely cannot say that I am not still scared and overwhelmed about this but I am doing I would say a good 90% better! I still have my freak out moments/days but I know it will all work out and everything will be fine. Life is about to change BIG time! I have closed Designs By Alex and do not know if or when I will reopen and I am just trying to enjoy every moment with Bailey as my only child before our family of 3 becomes a family of 6!

 Just this week I have started looking at nursery ideas and have started to get excited! We will find out the sexes in a couple weeks and then the real planning begins! My feeling is it is 2 girls and 1 boy or 3 girls. Eek! We will see! Can you imagine 4 girls!!?? I can but it would be fun to have a boy in the family! 

The next big tasks- Name picking and nursery designing! Both fun but not easy!

These were our announcement photos taken in February.  

I would love to say that I will blog often and document everything well but we all know I won't so I won't say it! I want to try though because this is such a nice way to look back at evrything!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy February!

This just happens to be one of my favorite months! It's my Birthday month! It's also the month of love and I love all the hearts and pink that go along with Valentine's! I've had my Valentine's mantel done for a couple weeks now, I just couldn't wait! I've had trouble getting good pics to share though because of all the gloomy days we've had around here lately and the way the windows are placed in my living room but it is nice and sunny today so I'll try again!

Yesterday I decided Bailey's room needed a little re-organizing which I love to do! Her room is never finished, I am always changing it around and changing my mind! I've also had cute frames that I painted on her wall for MONTHS now and half of them still don't have anything in them! I must get on that..... one of these days! 

Until yesterday we still had her changing table in place of that book/toy shelf and the shelf was in her closet but I decided we needed more toy storage since her room doubles as her play room and I just hate all the clutter! So I switched them, the changing table is now in the closet to collect all of the stuff I don't want her able to reach!
I love the change! It opens the room up and she's loving having bins to pull out and dump! Since she is a climber I can't put anything too enticing on top of the shelf like I would like to so it's just diapers and her night light. And yes, half of those frames are empty like I said above, I just haven't decided what I want in them
As soon as I take this pic and turn around to get one of her organized toy corner I see this....
Not so organized anymore! 
And then I walk out for a moment and come back to find this...

Told ya she loves dumping those bins! 
Possibly one day when her room is clean and she is occupied in the living room I will get my nice camera out and take photos of her whole room to share! Maybe I will even fill those frames.. I said maybe.. don't count on it! 
Hope you have a great February!

Monday, January 28, 2013

New photos!

Oh what a slum I have been in lately! I have had writers/creative/you name it I've had it BLOCK lately and it's totally bumming me out! It has been super cold and gloomy the past couple weeks which makes it so much worse! I picked up some stuff for a couple projects today so hopefully tomorrow I will get back with it! I spent most of Bailey's nap on Pinterest today trying to get inspiration! 

I've been spending some serious time trying to better design the blog and in the process realized I really don't have any recent photos of just me! Hub's took a few yesterday that turned out pretty good for now and maybe I'll get some more soon! 

This is my fave out of them all!


Bailey wanted to be in a picture too!

Speaking of designing the blog, wow it's not easy work! I see why most people use design companies! I'm figuring some of it out but it is a process that's for sure! Any tips would be welcomed! 


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year! {A little late}

Well I'm only about a week late but Happy New Year!! 
I think I am finally feeling back to normal after vacation and being sick. We went to Florida the 27th to do our Christmases with the families and day one my sister came down with a stomach bug, day two it hit my Dad and Grandma, day three- Bailey, four- Me and Patrick, five- Bailey again and finally day 6- my Mom. Can I just say I have NEVER been so miserable in my life! Oh my gosh that was no ordinary stomach bug, it knocked me off my feet for a good 4 days and it was still another 3 days after that before I actually wanted food again. Talk about a vacation killer! It hit everyone a little different but I was one of the few that got the worst of it. Lucky me.
We still enjoyed the time we spent with our families and friends before and after the sickness!
{I planned to share a couple photos but for some reason it's not working and since it's already past my bedtime it'll have to wait.}
Back home now and trying to get back to normal. I have been doing a little rearranging to make room for all the new toys! I packed up all the baby toys and moved the lay-z-boy out of Bailey's room into the living room. That actually makes me sad and it may go back in there. I haven't decided yet. I like it in the living room and I love the extra space in her room but not being able to rock her in there is sad for me. I'm going to give it a few more days though {maybe} before I decide. I may not be ready for this step yet!
I got my Valentine's decor out today! I just couldn't wait. I thought I had more than I do so I have a lot of projects ahead! Yay :)
To bed I go...
hubby is getting sick so I must get sleep to do my best to prevent getting sick too!