Monday, January 28, 2013

New photos!

Oh what a slum I have been in lately! I have had writers/creative/you name it I've had it BLOCK lately and it's totally bumming me out! It has been super cold and gloomy the past couple weeks which makes it so much worse! I picked up some stuff for a couple projects today so hopefully tomorrow I will get back with it! I spent most of Bailey's nap on Pinterest today trying to get inspiration! 

I've been spending some serious time trying to better design the blog and in the process realized I really don't have any recent photos of just me! Hub's took a few yesterday that turned out pretty good for now and maybe I'll get some more soon! 

This is my fave out of them all!


Bailey wanted to be in a picture too!

Speaking of designing the blog, wow it's not easy work! I see why most people use design companies! I'm figuring some of it out but it is a process that's for sure! Any tips would be welcomed! 


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