Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year! {A little late}

Well I'm only about a week late but Happy New Year!! 
I think I am finally feeling back to normal after vacation and being sick. We went to Florida the 27th to do our Christmases with the families and day one my sister came down with a stomach bug, day two it hit my Dad and Grandma, day three- Bailey, four- Me and Patrick, five- Bailey again and finally day 6- my Mom. Can I just say I have NEVER been so miserable in my life! Oh my gosh that was no ordinary stomach bug, it knocked me off my feet for a good 4 days and it was still another 3 days after that before I actually wanted food again. Talk about a vacation killer! It hit everyone a little different but I was one of the few that got the worst of it. Lucky me.
We still enjoyed the time we spent with our families and friends before and after the sickness!
{I planned to share a couple photos but for some reason it's not working and since it's already past my bedtime it'll have to wait.}
Back home now and trying to get back to normal. I have been doing a little rearranging to make room for all the new toys! I packed up all the baby toys and moved the lay-z-boy out of Bailey's room into the living room. That actually makes me sad and it may go back in there. I haven't decided yet. I like it in the living room and I love the extra space in her room but not being able to rock her in there is sad for me. I'm going to give it a few more days though {maybe} before I decide. I may not be ready for this step yet!
I got my Valentine's decor out today! I just couldn't wait. I thought I had more than I do so I have a lot of projects ahead! Yay :)
To bed I go...
hubby is getting sick so I must get sleep to do my best to prevent getting sick too!

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