Friday, October 9, 2015

It's that time again...

My favorite time of the year!! 


I have started a catch up/recap post SO many times but never finish so I'm just going to skip the recap of the past 5 months and move on! hah. 
So what's new with us? 
We'll start with Bailey, she is in 5 day a week pre-k this year. It's 5 half days in the afternoon. I was nervous about the time and how it would affect the little girls naps but it worked out for us to carpool with one of our new neighbors who is in Bailey's class! The girls LOVE carpooling and have become good little friends! It's working out great! She is dancing again this year, doing ballet and tap! She loves it! She's so grown.

The little girls are growing SO FAST! They turned two the beginning of September and have just taken off! They are talking so much! I happened to weigh them today, Peyton is 24 lbs and Brooke is 25 and they are both right around 34 inches tall. They are both tall and skinny! Brooke is still rough and tough but she is so so sweet. She has become my little snuggle bug lately. In the morning and after nap she likes to sit with me in the recliner and just snuggle a while. Peyton is usually ready to eat so we don't always get the snuggle time she'd like. Peyton is stubborn as always but also super sweet! I am loving watching their little personalities and having so much fun with them! 

 Don't let that face fool you! She was having a blast in the ocean and mad we were leaving! Little beach lover!

Miss P had a dental check a couple months ago and was showing off her pretty smile :-) 

Patrick is recovering from a fractured ankle. He was home for a couple weeks after it happened. It was nice to have him around. He's back at work now and still waiting for word to come back about his medical findings and find out when he will be getting out of the military. We are rough guessing it will be around the end of the year or just into 2016 but who knows?!

What I do know though it that it is 1:00am! I did not realize how late it had gotten. I should go to bed!! 

Before I do though, a few quick photos from today and earlier in the week....

 I absolutely LOVE this photo! We were playing outside waiting for Bailey's ride to school and since Bailey wore boots and a jean jacket this day, the littles wanted to as well! They were having SO much fun and SO SO cute!! 

My beautiful girls! 

These next few are from the pumpkin patch today. :-) Peyton is quite the little model, always wanting her picture taken and posing! The other two though.. Bailey will stop and smile once or twice but then she starts saying "I don't want to take anymore pictures Mom". Not cool kid. haha! Brooke just doesn't stop! When she does she'll do a huge grin and say "cheeeeeesssseee" but she is almost never actually looking at me or the camera! 

Almost forgot about me..  

I am staying busy with orders! I am also taking a photography class and loving it! Eh. Short and sweet tonight.

It feels good to actually blog again! Thanks to a follower on my instagram saying she missed my blog! I will look back later and hate all the gaps! 

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