Sunday, May 24, 2015

May days

I can't believe May is almost over! It feels like it just started! Goodness. The days seem to fly by lately. We spend our afternoons outside playing with our neighbor friends and having lots of pool and water slide fun! I've been keeping busy with orders as well! At the moment, Patrick's parents and Priscila are here and my family comes in this coming week! 

Here is some of May so far with photos...

Mother's Day with my babies :-) 

Playing outside. They fight over most things!

 So much water fun!!! 
 Cool girls in their shades heading out for a walk! 

 Our big grill bit the dust so we got this little mini for now but it's right at the babies height and makes me a nervous wreck so this is my fix! 

Bailey had her last day of preschool for this year and her last dance class of the season! 

First and last day of school pics! She grew so much!

 They had an ice cream social on the last day of school! 

 The last ballet class was also dress rehearsal for Recital which is coming up this weekend and they gave out certificates and let the parents come in to watch. Poor Bailey had an accident though. When the teacher came out to get the parents she asked for Bailey's mom first and when I walked in the room, Bailey was the only child standing in the middle of the room in a puddle of pee. All of the other kids were sitting along the wall. She was so mortified and I felt so sad for her. I took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up but she would not go back in the room. She just cried and kept saying "I can't, I just want to go home". I almost cried for her I felt so bad. I finally got her to go in at the very end of class and take a picture with her certificate after all the other kids had left. It was such a sad way to end her otherwise fun dance season! I am hoping she will go on stage and dance at her recital. 

Peyton and Brooke are wearing 18 months clothes now and when I was cleaning in the garage the other day I found a tub of Bailey's 18 month clothes and they are all summer outfits! They fit perfect! They have been wearing big sissy's hand me downs for days now! I love it so much! I remember Bailey in each one of these outfits like it was yesterday. I cannot believe how fast the time flies and how big Bailey is now! 
 Day one in Bail's clothes! The girls are actually the same height, I don't know why it looks like P is so much taller in this pic!?

I was super brave one day a couple weeks ago when Patrick had duty and took the kids to CiCi's pizza by myself! Not sure if that sounds like a lot to most but it is! I was proud of myself!

I always feel like I forget things I'd like to add when I do these whole month recaps but I really can't remember if there aren't pics of the occasion! Bailey had her 4 year well check and shots. She did fantastic! Not one tear with her shots! There are a lot of days lately where she really acts 4 and we are having some serious listening problems but there are also days here and there where she is just so mature. That was one of those days/moments. 

The last 4 days have been crazy busy! One of our friends baby boy broke his femur and was transported to a hospital in Greenville on Thursday night. Her husband is deployed so I went with her. I didn't want her to be there alone. I've been there and it's scary when you have a child facing surgery. I ended up being with her until late Friday afternoon with no sleep Thursday night. I am very happy I was there with her and everything turned out good, he is doing well but it made for a long couple days! I beat my in laws to my house by just a short period of time Friday afternoon. We had a very full day Saturday of visiting with them and the beach! Sunday was not as busy but I had a lot of work to catch up on and then we went out to dinner. They will leave in the morning and then my family will arrive on Tuesday so I am hoping to get caught up on house cleaning and the rest of my orders tomorrow!! 

I think I took 90 some photos at the beach but here are just a few! It was such a nice afternoon and the girls had so much fun!! Patrick and Odair (Pat's dad) caught about 8 fish I think. We didn't go prepared to catch that many so they were just releasing them. The girls were amused every time they brought a fish in and would get all excited! 

We are planning another one or two beach days with my family this week! So fun!! 



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