Monday, April 20, 2015

Playing catch up!

I suck at blogging but everyone knows that! Life is too busy these days and I spend all my kid free time crafting or sitting and doing nothing!
To catch up a little since FEBRUARY... the girls and I did go to FL for about 10 days. We all got the stomach bug the week we were going to leave so had to push it back a week which shortened our trip but it was still fun to go! Mom flew up and drove with us. The trip down was fabulous, the girls did so good and we made it in 12 hours! Only stopped 3 times. While we were there we got to visit with all of our family and most of our friends. We met up with two of my triplet mom friends at SeaWorld one day, had a beach day, went to a work event with Nikki and Chris, had a surprise birthday celebration for Bailey, I had a couple adult nights with friends, pool day, park, and lots of fun just hanging out with the grandparents, Aunts and Uncle! Fun! Our trip back home was not as fabulous as we hit a lot of traffic. It took 14 hours and quite a bit more fussing but my Mom sat in the back and entertained a lot which was great!
A little of our trip...

A few pics I just love from March..
When we got back from Florida Bailey had her Easter party at school and school pictures.
 Her two school besties <3

The beginning of April was Easter and Bailey's birthday back to back! We had a nice Easter at home and did an egg hunt out front with our neighbors! There was a little neighborhood egg hunt also the weekend before that we went to.
Bailey's Birthday celebration was a several part, week long event! It started on Monday, her actual Birthday, we decorated the house the night before with streamers all over and balloons in her room! She woke up and the first thing she said while walking out of her room was something along the lines of "why are there balloons all over my floor? Now my room is a mess and I have to clean it up!". Well, Happy Birthday little miss! haha! Little grump! We had a nice day, she opened a couple presents in the morning, we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, went to Toys R Us, played outside with friends, then had dinner, cake and more presents when Patrick got home!
The next day was a school day and we got to celebrate at school. I brought in snack and the class sang to her!

On the weekend was her party with friends! We had a Mermaid/Under the Sea theme! I had SO much fun decorating for this party! I made all the decorations myself mostly using my cricut.

Since then I have spent most of my free time working on new things for my shop! I wish I had more hours in the day!  
We're back in our summer routine here now that the weather is warm. Play outside after school until dinner then back out some nights when it's really nice! Bailey only has 3 more weeks of school but public schools go into June. Once everyone is out of school we will be outside most of the day. It's lots of fun but doesn't leave much time for any indoor activities or work in my case! Oh my gosh. I didn't realize she only had 3 weeks left until I typed it just now. Wow. She is going to miss school so much! She loves school days!!!
Well I guess I am somewhat "caught up" on here. I need to do a baby update and one for Bailey too! Maybe soon! Kids are all in bed and I have two wreaths to make!


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