Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow day!

Today we got a little snow! Schools were closed and the roads were icy so we were house bound.

 Bailey said "Look baby sisters, can you believe it's snowing!?" 

Haha! It was adorable! 

 They spent a lot of the morning watching the snow come down either at the back door or out Bailey's window. 

When the babies went down for naps Bailey and I went out to play a little. 

 Most of our neighbors were out too! The kids had fun running around and throwing snow! It turned into icy rain while were out there so it got kind of yucky. Bailey went inside with one of her friends to get new gloves and never came back out! They were drinking hot cocoa! She stayed to play with them and I came in! It took two cups of coffee for me to fully thaw out! Brr!! 

The kids and I are planning a FL trip soon! Looking forward to some sunshine! 

I think I mentioned I re-opened my Etsy..? I've been working on a few new things this week to add soon! I started slow this time around so I don't get too overwhelmed too fast as in the past but I am getting eager to add new things already! :-) 


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