Monday, February 23, 2015

Still doesn't feel real.

Today the proof came in the mail for us to review for Andrew's grave marker. He's been gone 6 months now. Six months. There isn't one night that I go to sleep without at least a tear or two. I miss him so much. I feel so much anger that he was taken so soon. Sadness that his sisters won't have their own memories of him but only what we tell them and show them through pictures and videos. I have trouble walking past the boy section when shopping for clothes for the girls, I usually walk the other way. Some days go by with very little pain but some are unbearable. Picking out his grave marker was something I couldn't do. I don't know why specifically but every time I pulled out the information I would put it back. I finally did it. I have trouble putting into words how I feel most of the time but today I read this article shared in a group I'm in on Facebook and the majority of it explains my thoughts and fears as if I wrote it myself. A few parts don't really apply. I hope you read it.

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