Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's a Thursday

This morning I was up before my kids. Say Whaaat! They always pick mornings that I have to get up to sleep in. It was a school morning for Bailey so I had to get everyone up and fed and ready to go. 

Kayla came over while Bailey was at school and we started working on homecoming signs for her hubby! The two hours between getting home and leaving to get Bailey always flies. We had planned to catch up on SVU also but not enough time. She stayed with my nappers while I ran to get Bails and some lunch! 

Bailey was quite busy playing in her room and Peyton needed an afternoon nap so it was just Mommy and Brookie for a while. She loves those times :-) I do too. 

 We played outside for a while in the afternoon and I interviewed another sitter. I had one interview yesterday and another tomorrow. This is a little stressful! 

The little girlies are wearing Bailey's old pj's tonight and I was trying to take a pic but climbing on Daddy was too much fun so this is as good as it got! Bailey spent the evening at Chloe's eating lots of birthday cake! 

After all the kiddos were asleep I went to print some photos and stopped by Lowe's foods that just opened this week. I love new stores, I feel like I'm out of town! 

I'm super sleepy, I should go to bed. 

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