Tuesday, October 14, 2014

And the search is on

I spent the majority of today setting up interviews with babysitters. I posted a job on care.com and got a lot of responses. I'm excited but nervous. The idea of hiring a stranger to care for my kids scares me! I feel like we need someone though from time to time and to keep them familiar with the kids I am planning once a week while Bailey's in school. Interviews start tomorrow, wish me luck!

Today was a school day for Bailey. That little monkey was up at 6 this morning. I am dreading the time change next month! All 3 girls have been waking around 6 lately which means 5 when we fall back. Not cool! 

We were home pretty much all day. I was so sleepy! We ran to Panera around 3 for a cookie and caffeine fix but that didn't help, I was still sleepy! It was kind of stormy out this evening so we stayed inside and Patrick was late getting home so the girls and I played. Brooke was walking around so much today!! She would walk across the room and as she got close to where she was headed she started clapping for herself with the biggest grin! I wish I had gotten a video, it was adorable!! She was so proud of herself! 

 The closer we got to baby bedtime they got crazy! Haha. Both babies were climbing on me and fighting for my lap so Little People to the rescue! I got out Bailey's little people house and it was Mommy who! I slowly backed up into the kitchen and kept quiet while they played. I love watching them play all together! I also love watching Bailey's love for the little girls grow. She wants them to play with her all day. She never wants me to put them down for naps. She LOVES when they snuggle with her on the floor in the mornings. It's so sweet. <3

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