Sunday, October 14, 2012

Such a crafty day!

To start off I must say, my child slept in until 10:00 this morning. THAT.NEVER.HAPPENS! 


Once we got up I started painting and got to work on crafts off and on all day! One happy girl! 

This is the only finished product to show...

Yep, it's another Pinterest project but how cute is it?!


I am going to hang them on ribbon so I'm sure I'll share another "finished" photo tomorrow!

I finished painting my burlap projects so just have to put them together tomorrow! I am LOVING how they are coming along!! So excited to see them finished!! 

Today was a very warm day compared to the cooler fall like weather we've been having lately so hubby decided to change the oil in my car, wash both cars and grill! 

Bailey and I hung out with him for a while and enjoyed the sunshine! 

This evening after our walk I sat outside and spent some time with my bestie while the kiddos played! Since our hubby's got home from deployment we haven't been spending much time together and I have missed her!!

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