Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh how I love Pinterest projects!

Here are a few of the Pinterest projects I've done recently!

Made my own picture canvas' 

  This one, {below} was an instagram photo. I am amazed how well it printed! I put it on an 8x8 canvas

Pretty excited how this project turned out! May add more to my wall later! 

I also did the photo letter I'm sure you've all seen all over pinterest!

I LOVE it! It's so fun to walk down my hall and see it! 

This "boo" sign below I saw on Etsy I believe and thought I can make that

I have it hanging on my daughter's bedroom door! 

Love it!

The top two projects have tutorials floating all over pinterest. I read several then did my own thing. I would be happy to share how if anyone is interested, just comment! 

The "boo" sign I just made from looking at a pic but would also be happy to share how if interested! 


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