Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall fun!

One of my favorite fall things to do is go to the pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins! This year we planned to go to Mike's Farm since we're in Jacksonville. The first attempt, we went with the Weybrew's, our neighbors and great friends. We got there right about 5 and turns out they close at 5 on Wednesday's. Boo!

We still got some cute pictures tough then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. 

My child love, love, loves Kayla and Aaden {the oldest boy} and when they're around it's mommy and daddy who? I'm ok with that because I love them too! 

Bailey and Aaden are super cute together! 

Second attempt, we went with some more great friends, the Jordan family this evening and got to do the hay ride, pick pumpkins and dinner! Fun times! 

 Jordan Family :) 
Me and my baby girl <3 
 Bailey and Daddy were playing drums on the pumpkin!
 She kept picking up the little pumpkins then throwing them... oops! 

 My little pumpkin <3

Family photo! Love it!

There may be a third visit to the farm this weekend, we have more friends going that have invited us so we'll see! We're getting our fill! Good thing it's a fun time and great food! 

The dress Bailey is wearing is the one I made the other day but hadn't finished. I finished it this morning and think it turned out super cute! 

Whatcha think?

More fall fun to come! 

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