Monday, October 22, 2012

I clean, I clean, I clean.....

And yet I feel like my house is never clean! I only have one child but boy oh boy can she make a mess and fast! I know it will only get worse when baby number 2 comes along! {no, I'm not pregnant.. just sayin!}

The quote "cleaning with kids in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos" is so true and makes me laugh every time I hear it! Like I said, I only have one child so I know all you mommies of 2 & 3+ have even more mess!

I said goodbye {for now} to my coffee table today and moved it into the guest room. Since anything I set on it gets moved by Bailey it seems a little pointless and as much as she runs around and rolls all over the floor playing I am always terrified she is going to smack into it and get hurt so for now it's gone. My living room looks so big and empty now! This will take me a little time to get used to! I miss it already! 

Something you should know about me if you are going to follow my blog is that I type like I think.. I jump from subject to subject. I know that isn't a good thing when blogging but I can't help it! If I tried to stay on subject I would sit here all night thinking and rethinking! 


Now, onto my next thought.. 

Bailey had her 18 month well check today and she is healthy as can be! The doctor {who I love btw!} said she is advanced for her age! Such a little smarty she is! :) 

She takes after her mama.. haha! No, for real though. 

Cute thing cleaned up all the crayons in the waiting room and put all the chairs away. {She is a super neat freak and likes to clean! She also gets that from her mama} Of course I washed her hands like 4 times while we were there being the germaphobic {is that a word??} that I am. 

I don't usually let her walk around and touch things but she's getting big now and doesn't put her hands in her mouth as much so I cringe as I let her touch. She had more fun at this doctor visit than she ever has at any doctor's office before. She even talked to the doctor... that never happens! She usually screams! She is growing up!  

Not a baby anymore! 

 When we got home from the doctor, she rode her little 4 wheeler around some and got stuck in the mulch! She looks so tiny riding that thing around the yard, I love it every time I watch her! 

Time for me to do some sewing!

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