Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I HATE flies!!!

I just went on a fly killing spree around my house, got 3 and thought I was done and now I sat down there are 2 more! Ugh!!! 

When we first moved in our house there were no lie, at least 30 {we counted!}. We got the fly traps and my Mom {who was here to help with Bailey while we moved} went crazy with the fly swatter but it seriously took dayyyyysss to get them all. My Dad says they are attracted to the dry wall in new houses which makes sense I guess since they were all just sitting {I guess flies don't sit but you get what I mean!} on the ceiling.

I have seen a couple tricks on Pinterest about how to keep them away but none have worked for us. 

Anyone have ideas?? 

We don't keep our doors open they just sneak in when we let Hershey in and out. Grrr!! 

Ok enough about flies! 

I have decided for now {I think} that I am going to stop stressing out about the new blog and just wait until I get back from FL to figure it out. Maybe. I'll probably keep stressing and trying while we're gone but I'm going to try not to! 

In other news.. I just checked the mail and no necklace :( I'm hoping it was the mail from yesterday but I'm pretty sure today's mail just came early. Super bummed! Now I have to wait 10 days!

If you haven't noticed, I am not a very patient person. Something I am always working on. 

Back to packing! 

So far Bailey's clothes are packed but that's it!

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