Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another check off my list of to do's!

So, I was shopping for fall clothes for Bailey today and came across a clearance sale on Halloween costumes at Babies R Us and decided to buy the one I had planned to make her just as a back up plan. I figured I would just return it once I made hers but as soon as I tried it on her her little face lit up and she started twirling around and saying "pretty" over and over again! 


Yep, we're not returning it! I am going to add a couple things to it to "fancy it up" a little but I love it! Can't wait to show you all! You'll have to wait until we begin our Halloween festivities though! ;-) 

I swear if my head wasn't attached......! If I don't write things down and tape big notes around or set alarms, or timers I forget everything! It's ridiculous! I don't think it's that I forget necessarily but that I get distracted... easily

For instance, tonight Patrick asked for chocolate chip cookies so I made them, put the first batch in and took them out, we ate some and then he went to give Bailey a bath so I could bake the other batch and clean up and yea, I put them in the oven, went to get laundry out of the dryer and saw the vacuum and decided to vacuum my room before Bailey went to bed then he asked me to help get her ready for bed so I went and got her all ready and came out to get her milk and you guessed it.... the cookies were still in the oven! Fail. :( I have never actually done that before. I usually forget to do things but have never left something in the oven!


Ok moving on, here ia a little collage of a few of the decorations around my house! 

Although Halloween is my favorite holiday {not entirely sure why? I just love this time of year I guess!}
if you follow my blog you will learn I love all holidays and LOVE to decorate for them! I also love to dress Bailey up all month leading up to the holiday! {I dress myself some too but not as much now that I have her to play dress up with!} I bake, craft and just get super excited! This holiday obsession used to annoy my husband but over the years he has learned to just enjoy how excited I get. He has also started to enjoy some of the fuss I make too. {He'll never admit that!}

Be prepared, there will be many more Halloween related posts for the next couple weeks! 

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