Saturday, January 31, 2015

Back to normal

Well for the most part. All and all everyone is SO MUCH better in our house! Some of us still have coughs but those tend to last a while. My parents left this morning so it's time to get life back to normal. It's so weird, we've all been sick for so long I forget what normal is! Ok, maybe it was only a couple weeks but that feels like a REALLY long time! 

Did I mention I went back to the Dr. and also ended up on antibiotics? Yep. I was finally sick enough for meds! 

We enjoyed my parents being here even if they were mostly taking care of us! 

 My Mom took this one of Peyton. I love her expression :-) 

Nana did a lot of cooking and baking while she was here. Bailey loves to help! Brooke tried to help too but she was a little too short!

Thursday evening Mom, Bailey and I went down to Wilmington for Elgin and Adam's baby shower! It was fun getting to see everyone!

I am making a project list as I sit here. I think a Hobby Lobby run might be in my afternoon plans once Patrick gets home! :-D

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