Thursday, January 8, 2015


It's getting cold!! This morning it was 16 degrees when I got in the car to take Bailey to school and stayed below freezing all day! If it's going to be this cold I want to see some snow!

Our babysitter was here this morning which was perfect so Peyton and Brooke could stay in out of the cold! I ran some errands and enjoyed a little time relaxing. The girls are super busy now I am always exhausted! 

I've been slowly changing the colors in our house and doing a little redecorating here and there and now that Hobby Lobby is right down the road the process has sped up a little! I love that place! Once Christmas came down I decided I needed a new wreath so that was my project two nights ago and today was DIY roman shades for the kitchen! I have been wanting to do that one forever but just could not decide on colors for fabric but today at Hobby Lobby I found it! I wasn't even looking, it just jumped out! 

I love my wreath! My sister and brother in law have requested one too so that is tomorrow's project! 

The fabric! Love! 

The finished project.

 The lighting was terrible so that's why I shared the fabric photo above. I am not 100% on this. I used a no sew method but think I am going to redo it soon and do a little sewing on it! The sides are too stiff and don't fold like I want them to. I do love it though and will love it more once I tweek it! 

I'm toying with re-opening my ETSY shop! I am trying to think it through a little to make sure I will actually have the time for it but it's fun to think about and we'll see, maybe it will happen! 

My Mommy's morning out was very refreshing and I came home ready to play! The girls and I had a fun afternoon. The little girls stayed in pj's all day since it was so cold! If it wasn't a school day Bailey and I would have too! 

 I never really realized how many toys, outfits, etc that Bailey had/has two of! It is perfect for P & B! Brooke always goes in one of our neighbors garages when we play outside and gets a little stroller like the ones in the above pics and she loves it! Today I pulled Bailey's out for her and of course Peyton wanted one too so I dug back in the closet and pulled out another. Although I knew we had two it was fun to realize how perfect it was! Bailey joined in the stroller parade with her new stroller Santa brought her and that kept them all entertained for quite a while! 

When Patrick got home I cooked dinner. Chicken roll ups! Yum! I tend to cook quicker meals these days so it was fun to have one of our old faves! 

Everyone in my house has been asleep for hours now including Patrick so I think I should go to bed too! 

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