Sunday, January 11, 2015

A mini playroom!

Since the babies were born I have so much trouble keeping the house picked up. It's not dirty, I clean a lot but it's just cluttered. There is stuff everywhere! Mostly toys and kid stuff but it drives me nuts. I'm ALWAYS picking up but it never looks clean!

"drives me nuts" is actually a serious understatement. Just ask my husband! I have panic attacks about the house not being in order.

This weekend I decided to make some changes to help make better use of space where we can and help with the clutter!

We turned half of the babies room into a playroom! Woo hoo! With two cribs, two dressers, large double closet doors on one wall and a large window on the other there was no room for any toys so we moved one dresser into their closet and we're selling one. With the dressers gone there's room for toys!

I am beyond excited!! I am looking forward to the day when we have a playroom but for now a half of a playroom will do! The toys wrap around all the way to the other side where their cribs are. I will share that side of the room later :) 
 We still have toys in the living room but we have a toy corner now and not a whole toy room

We started letting the babies roam the house recently instead of keeping the gate up which only allowed them in the living room and kitchen. We keep all the bedroom and bathroom doors closed except Bailey's room but now they have their room too! I ordered some nifty little door stopper things today that will keep open doors in place so they can't play with them. They've started doing that and end up hitting each other with the door. Ouch.
I'm starting some fun new things for Bailey's room this week too! Can't wait to share!

Today was kind of lazy, we watched some football, played outside with the neighbors and Patrick cleaned out my car!

 They were having a lot of fun in Daddy's bag this morning! 

I just love how she sits at the little panio! 
It's supposed to rain all week so I'm hoping to get some projects done! Right now I'm going to try to get in bed before midnight! Goodnight! 

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