Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!

Wow! It's 2015. Crazy. 

We had a lovely Christmas with my family here! It was really nice to have them for a whole week and not have every day preplanned. I can't remember the last time that happened. We spent Christmas Eve baking cookies, and celebrating Chris' birthday. On Christmas day we opened presents and played with new toys all day! 


The weather was so nice  the few days after Christmas we were able to go to the beach one day and down to Wilmington to tour the battleship another!


We were also able to squeeze in a double date night with my sister and her hubby! 

My family left the 29th and Patrick's family arrived the 31st! We had a New Years party before the kids went to bed with nachos, confetti, tiaras, noise makers and sparkling grape juice!
They had a blast! 

Fun Fun Fun! 

Peyton and Brooke are 16 months now! I will do a baby update tomorrow! Time to get my workout clothes on and head over to my neighbors garage gym now! I so hate working out but trying to hang in there and get rid of the rest of this baby weight! I mean they are 16 months now, I think it's about time! A few of my neighbors and I have been working out every night after the kids go to bed. We've missed a few nights with the holiday and families being in town. Time to get back to it! 


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