Sunday, January 25, 2015


We're now on day 11 of sickness in our house. We ended up back in the pediatricians office on Thursday afternoon to have Bailey's ears checked since she said they were hurting. She had not eaten much of anything for 4 days and I was getting really worried. I took the little girls with me and am so glad I did! Turned out Bailey had a double ear infection. 4 days on meds shes feeling a lot better! Peyton has a viral infection like Bailey's started so no meds for her but I'm thinking we may end up taking her back in this week, she's still not feeling well. Brooke has pneumonia! How on earth?!? This was my child who was fine up until the morning of the Dr. appt. when she started with a little cough and runny nose. I even let her play outside with Bailey for a little while the afternoon before. She wasn't showing any symptoms at all. I was shocked. The next day she went downhill and was just so out of it. As the day progressed she really wasn't drinking anything and would not take her meds for anything. We ended up taking her to ER Friday night and they admitted her. She needed fluids and meds through an IV. Patrick spent the night with her and we switched off Saturday morning. Sat she was great, eating, drinking and really perking up! We thought she would be discharged Sat evening but they decided to keep her one more night. We switched again and Patrick stayed the night with her. She was released this afternoon (Sunday)! She's so much better, she's eating and drinking but still fights taking meds which was the reason for keeping her an extra night. This should be an interesting 7 days of getting meds in her. 

My parents are driving up tomorrow to help. Yay! Patrick and I are both sick also and exhausted. The kids take turns being up at night so there has been little sleep for us this past week. 

I'm so over this mess! Bring on summer!! Cold and flu season is for the birds! 

 It's been really nice out every afternoon lately and all of our neighbors have been out playing. My kiddo's have been watching at the window. :-( I feel so bad! I let Bailey and Brooke play out back one afternoon. Brooke got on the trampoline for the first time and had so much fun! 

 Potty time books! I've said this before but it is so funny how many things Bailey had two of. Two potty books from when I first started potty training with her. Dora and Elmo. This was one afternoons distraction when they wanted to play outside! 

Well cold meds and bed are next on the list for me! Hoping we're all well soon! 


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