Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What's new with us

Not a whole lot actually!

 At the moment Bailey, Peyton and I are all sick. Bailey woke up Thursday night with a bad barkey cough and seemed to be having a little trouble with deep breaths. I almost took her to ER but waited it out and went to her pedi on Friday. They said sounded like a virus but ran a strep test anyway. Sat, Sun and Monday were worse for her. She has been refusing to eat which is not something Bailey does. We offered up all her faves and nothing. She is drinking liquids and eating a couple bites here and there. I called back today (Tuesday) since they were closed yesterday and they said the strep test was negative and now they're wondering about fluid behind her ears maybe. They said as long as shes drinking shes still ok. I am still so worried about the not eating part!! We're going back tomorrow afternoon and hoping for some answers! She slept most of Sat, Sun and Mon. but today she had her energy back and didn't nap at all so maybe she's on the mend.

I started with a sore throat Saturday in the middle of the night, was miserable Sunday and Monday but am feeling better today. I still have a cough and little sore throat but my energy level is back. I cleaned the whole house! Trying to disinfect as much as possible!! 

Peyton just started with a cough last night and by the end of today just wanted to be held and snuggled. 

Brooke was the only one in her normal state today so fingers crossed for her!

Patrick isn't home yet, he had mess night tonight after work so I guess I'll see how he's feeling when he gets home. 

My little sickies :-( 

And Brookie just because I took a sweet snuggle pic of her this weekend too! :) 

Here is a little of our week before the sickness hit us... 

 I made a reading nook tent/canopy for Bailey and it's been a big hit with all 3 girls! We've added pillows since these pics were taken.

It kind of took on that not perfectly round shape once I hung it...

So fun!! 

The girls with their smoothies the other day! First smoothie for the littles! They loved them and did good sitting in the kitchen to drink them!

Patrick had duty one night last week. The girls and I met him on base for dinner! I realized later that night that may have been the first time Patrick and I took the kids out for dinner by ourselves since the babies were born. Not 100% sure but I think most of the time when we go out to eat it's when family is in town! Crazy! We cook at home most of the time or get food to go it's just easier! 

Now fast forwarding to today. I had a lot of help vacuuming this morning! They all had good energy in the morning! 

 Cute little helpers! They love when it's vacuum day!

I had a girls night dinner and drinks with Kayla Saturday night! It was so fun! I've missed those so much! Hope we can fit in a lot more before she moves!! :-( I won't get started on that right now! One of the biggest downsides to being a military family!  


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