Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October, that's a wrap!

It's Wednesday but I'm "wrapping up" my busy week. My parents have been here a week and leave tomorrow. Thursday was Bailey's Halloween party at school. Friday was Halloween. Our ball was Monday. Doesn't sound like a lot but it felt super busy! 

Bailey's Halloween party was fun! I was on the Mom comity to set up and break down which I love! I signed up for every holiday party, of course ;-) 

 Spooky snacks! I made the cheese stick brooms and the ghost bananas.
One of the crafts was decorating picture frames. I took all the kids photos in front of a back drop. :) 

Bailey's finished frame! 
 They played pass the pumpkin.

The other craft was Frankenstein hand prints! 

That night we finally carved our pumpkins after the babies went to bed! 

 Halloween was lots of fun! We attempted to get all the kids in one photo and got most of them but still missing a few. We have such a large group it's a hard task!
 I dressed up this year! I've missed dressing up the past few years!

 Patrick literally pulled up from work right as we were leaving to Trick-Or-Treat. He almost missed it. Glad he made it!
 Taking pictures of Peyton and Brooke was almost impossible. We should have started earlier in the day before all the neighbors were out but didn't have our act together in time. These were the best pics we got! Snow White and Tinkerbell.
Bailey was Princess Aurora.
The last big event of the week was the Ball. I look forward to the ball every year. I love getting dressed up and spending a night away with my hubby. This year I woke up the morning before with my eye all swollen. I went straight to urgent care instead of waiting for it to go down on it's own. The Dr. said it may have been a bite or something. It was my eye lid not inside my eye. She prescribed some antibiotic drops. It was still quite swollen and painful by ball time. I was so bummed. I couldn't wear eyeliner so I made do with some mascara and plum eyeshadow but I think I covered it pretty well. By the end of the night though it hurt so bad I just wanted to go to sleep! 

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