Friday, November 7, 2014

Woo hoo for Friday!

Another early morning for Miss P. Bailey was up super early also. She's been laying in bed a little while when she wakes up singing. It's funny. Brookie slept in until 8:30! I knew there was no way the girls would be going down for naps together at the normal nap time so we loaded up and got out of the house. We went to Kohls but didn't last long. For some reason Bailey was on a crazy high today! She was SO hyper. Not bad just FULL of silly energy. She was just too much so I decided we'd shop later. We stopped at Panera and got lunch (at 10:30!) on the way home. The little girls went down for naps. Bailey and I ate then went outside to get the sillies out! It was pretty chilly today so we bundled up! We played with a couple neighbors then when Chloe and Cain came out they were heading to the park and invited Bailey so off she went. I stayed out a while chatting with Kaelyn then came in and got back to laundry. The girls took great naps! Maybe we should try getting out every morning before nap! 

They slept 2 1/2, almost 3 hours! 

After they got up and ate lunch we went to Target. I was going to get Bailey but they were just fixing lunch and said to just leave her there to play. So I did. 

 I got all the girls matching coats and new shoes for Peyton and Brooke! I was so excited!! I've been on the hunt for coats and shoes for a while now. It was a perfect day to have new coats, we put them on when we got home to play outside. I cleaned out my car and Adam vacuumed it for me! We stayed outside for a couple hours until Patrick got home and Bailey came out of Chloe's then came in, had dinner and played until bedtime.

 Patrick got something today that came in a box. The girls had so much fun playing with it! 

 Patrick has the next 4 days off for Veteran's Day! :-)

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