Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of lots of food and family. Patrick's family was here with us! It has become a tradition. We love having them here for our Thanksgiving weekend festivities!
Wednesday for me was spent baking with my littles!
Those bowls and spoons kept them busy for a while! They did all take a turn actually stirring the pumpkin bread!
Growing up, we always made rice krispie treats the night before Thanksgiving so since Bailey was born I've kept that tradition going.

 She likes the marshmellows more than the actual rice krispie treats!
On Thanksgiving Day we watched the parade which Bailey loved this year! The babies really paid attention some also which was cute, I cooked off and on all day (of course!), we got outside and took a few pics of the girls, and we ATE a lot of yummy food!
 This is not a great picture but the only one of all 5 of us on Thanksgiving :-)  
 The girls just stared at their plates for a minute not knowing where to start!They don't usually have that many choices on one plate at the same time!

Look at my little beauties! I made these little dresses quickly during nap on Wednesday. I had hoped to embellish with some embroidery or flower or something but no time!

They rocked them! I love these sweet faces more than anything.
After the kids went to bed, Patrick, Priscila and I headed out for a little Black Friday shopping. We weren't very successful and came home empty handed but we had fun!
Black Friday for us was Christmas tree day!!

We found a gorgeous tree! It is up and decorated but only has ornaments on the top half since we have two little sets of hands to pull them off! I considered putting a gate up around the tree but so didn't want to do that so I went with the half decorate tree instead! It's still beautiful! I'm blogging by the light of the tree now :-)
In other news, Elfie is back! He returned a day late this year but returned with a bang! He brought donuts, Christmas plates and cups and a couple goodies for the girls!
They were super excited!!
Speaking of Elfie....
it's about that time and then bed!
Goodnight all!  

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