Sunday, November 9, 2014

4 day weekend!

My little beauties are getting good use out of their matching coats! 
Here's a little of yesterday.. 

 We all played in Bailey's room most of the morning. The girls had so much fun and were so silly! 

 In the afternoon we went on a family outing to Sam's and Walmart for groceries.
 We played outside in the evening for a while, came in for dinner then played until bedtime. I made homemade crunch wraps for dinner. They were SO yummy! A new fave in our house!! 

Once the kids were in bed I went out to Kohls and Target for a little me time :-) and stayed up too late when I got home as usual so I was super sleepy again this morning when Brooke woke up at 5:50! Why?!?! 

Today Patrick went hunting for the first time with our neighbor. They stayed out until after noon but no luck. The girls and I snuggled and played at home all morning.

We sat like this in the recliner for quite a while watching Disney Jr. They were snugglier {probably not a word. ha.} than usual this morning! No complaints here. After they napped we were getting ready to head out for a bit when Patrick walked in. Bailey wanted to stay home with Daddy so I went out alone. I enjoy taking the girls out with me but it is definitely easier to run in lots of places when I'm by myself! I go to places like Pier 1 and Kirklands. I never take the kids with me to those places, I am always afraid they will knock something over and I'll have to buy it! Plus the stroller, even the umbrella one doesn't maneuver around well. I found some great sales! I was so excited with my purchases today! The last exciting purchase of the day is one I have been waiting for. lol. I know they've been out in Orlando a while but now they're here!! 

Are you ready?.....

 Whaaaat! They are so delish! 

Later this evening we played outside and had a little family photo sesh before the girls went to bed. 

I am now relaxing with a glass of wine and The Walking Dead is coming on so I'm out! Goodnight :-)


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