Sunday, November 16, 2014

The past week..

I honestly can't remember the day by day happenings of the last week but it involved our new sitter starting, some crafting, two birthday parties, and a couple Mommy/Bailey dates to run errands. 

We'll start with what I do remember.. Our sitter, Jamie started on Thursday! She did great! The girls knew I was leaving and were a little fussy so I got some fruit snacks out to distract them while I left and she said they were fine after that. They even napped for her! While they were sleeping she unloaded the dishwasher, washed what was in the sink, cleaned the stainless steal, made Bailey's bed and dusted! How lovely! I got a good start on Christmas shopping while Bailey was in school! 

That face of Peyton's cracks me up! Bailey used to do that when she was younger! 
Later that day, the kids and I went over to Candace's for a surprise b-day party for Marta! It was fun to hang out with some of the girls! Patrick came and picked up the little girls so Bailey and I could stay a little later. 

Earlier in the week on Tuesday, Veteran's Day, we had a craft night at our house! Patrick had picked up some canvas' on sale for Bailey one day so they painted on those and I started a project for Bailey's room! We also did all the kids hand prints for Thanksgiving turkey's! 

That's my kind of night!! I definitely stayed up until 1:30 am finishing up those letters. I was pretty sleepy the next day! 

Either Monday or Tuesday we all went to "the new" Walmart. It's really not new anymore but around here that's how everyone refers to it! It's farther from our house so we don't go often but they have the big carts so we may start going more! 

The girls had fun in the cart! 

It's the little things! 

On Friday I have no memory at the moment of what we did during the day but as soon as the babies went to bed that night Bailey and I took off for the mall! Children's Place was having sales and I didn't want to wait! We flew around to a few stores and had so much fun! My girl loves to shop! :-) She brought quarters from home for the ride and of course we had to get a cookie! We were back home and she was in bed by 9 so it wasn't too late of a night. 

Modeling her "Elfie" pj's and one of her new headbands. She's such a pris! 

Saturday morning was Aaden's 6th Birthday party! It was at Chuck-E-Cheese! MaKayla and (little) Aiden rode with Bailey and I. Patrick stayed home with the little girls as it was nap time for them so we didn't think they'd have much fun. The big kids had lots of fun!! 

One of the sales I ran to the mall for was these little hats for $1! 

How cute are these littles trying them on!? Brooke got hers off and then went after Peyton's! Little skunk. Peyton liked hers! We napped and were lazy most of the rest of the day Saturday. Bailey and I ran out in the evening to pick up dinner, Pancho Villa! Yum!! 

Today :-) 

Sunday (today), started out lazy but then Bailey and I headed out to grocery shop in the afternoon then after dinner we all went out to Target and Lowes. I took down the last of the baby gates in the living room today! With the exception of the ones guarding the end table but those are up against the couch and don't take up any extra living space which is the part that drives me crazy! I glued the shelves on the book case so they can't be pulled out and at lowes we bought straps to attach the shelf to the wall so with all that being done it will be child proof. 

I will be strapping the kids dressers and cube shelves to their walls too! I am always a nervous wreck when they're playing in their rooms and guard the shelves as they play! It will be nice to not be as worried! I always play with them in there but won't feel like I need to sit in front of the dresser anymore. 

A little side note for me~ Peyton and Brooke started with sippy cups tonight for their milk and did well with them so we're going to give no bottles a shot! 

Off to bed I go! I am hoping to get a few projects done this week so hopefully I'll have something to share soon! 

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