Sunday, November 4, 2012

Goodbye Halloween Decor

We got back from FL early this morning (around 2:30am but with the time change it was 1:30.)

 My sleepy baby girl and crazy eyed puppy watching Dora during the last hour of the trip
 We got ourselves in bed pretty quick after unloading the car. Today was supposed to be a lazy, watch football all day kind of day but I can never do that when we get back from being gone for any length of time so I was a busy bee taking down all of the Halloween decor around the house.

The house seems so bare now. I always hate taking down holiday decor!

 Tomorrow I will be putting my fall/Thanksgiving up though {hopefully!} so it won't be bare for long! Might not get it all done tomorrow, I have a long list of to do's after being gone!

One exciting thing about today was picking up my mail from my neighbor and getting my necklace I have been waiting for! 

Please excuse how exhausted I look! The necklace looks great though! :) 

I must get some sleep now so I can get life back to normal tomorrow! 

Maybe soon I will get my new blog up and running! I am super excited about it just haven't gotten to do it yet. 

It will happen soon though and then hopefully I can get more organized with my blogging as I learn more about this world that still confuses me! 

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